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Hi all!

I was blind to the fact that over the YEAR, I have been trying so many different methods of making money online that infact I haven't been making much at all! I made pretty websites that looked good but poor results..

This was due to I was not spending enough time on a certain project, I wasn't seeing much income so id switch to something else and not finish it totally! A bad way I know!

Even though I worked hard at them, And my enthusiasm was plentyful!
After a while I'd try something new!!!

It's like being on a road that forks off... Instead of sticking to my original road to the end goal, As it was a long road... I would turn off and try a different route!
And eventually ended up going in circles and getting nowhere!

If there's any advice I can give is this.. I may be wrong! I am no guru, haha.

Stick to your road to the end! finish it through! Even if for a while it isn't producing much money! hard work will pay off! You put in what you get out!

And the key saying (rome wasn't built in a day) HAHA

I realize that this is why such a small percentage of internet marketers actually become internet marketers!

Alot of people are like me... aimlessley wander around trying every road for a short time only then taking a new road.. And ultimately the end result is them giving up!

It is due to hard work dedication and the will to succeed that people acheive what they set out for!

Hopefully I am on my road now to being in the small percentage!

Hope others can read this and learn from my mistake!

Luckily now I've got myself on a coaching course of my friends and pulled my head from the clouds! Feeling postitive enthusiastic and raring to go!

Just thought I'd share with you all!

#mistakes #newbie
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    I agree. It's tough to see it all the way through sometimes. The real problem comes when you have so many sites to fully optimize (both on an off page) and then you get the ol' paralysis by analysis thing going.
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    I think the biggest mistake I made initially was not assessing the size of a niche properly. Some selected niches were too big, while others were too small.
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    I agree with you.......
    city is not builded by one night day.......
    it need time .... time and time.............
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    Stick to your road to the end! finish it through! Even if for a while it isn't producing much money! hard work will pay off! You put in what you get out!
    Absolutely the best words of advice for any newbie who lands at Warrior Forum. There are so many ways to make money online. It is easy to give up too soon. Just pick something that you know you will be able to sustain over the long haul. If you absolutely hate talking to people on the phone or in person, then don't choose offline methods, for example.
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      Without a doubt that is right! Find something that is talked favourably about as a method of making money online so that you can have confidence in it. Then work it and work it until you see results.

      Get off the lists that bombard you with temptation for the next shiny object, they rarely if ever are the magic bullet claimed!

      I am on selective lists now
      >>>>> IM Know How<<<<<
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    Thats the challenge with trucking on the information highway. You can fork off in all directions. Spending money here and there. If we stay on the one project and work at that project trying every resource to make it happen, something eventually has to happen.

    The knowledge, the Guru, the mentoring should bring the success. It all depends on when this will take place. What date, what day, what month, what year when the cheques will start rolling in.
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    I've heard it (and said it) again and again. Start small, with one project, and stick to it. Don't multitask! The more scattered you get the harder it will be to make any kind of real tangible progress and the easier it will be to get demoralized and give up.
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    You are saying that you worked hard in publishing nice looking sites, but did you do a thorough keyword research?

    Keyword research is the foundation of this business; without it... well, you already know what happens.
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    I can empathize with this.

    I have spent much too much time going from one thing to another without ever seeing anything to a sucessful conclusion.
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    Yes 1000 % Right

    I am Realy hard believer, to make money 10k a day

    enless you has products to sale and good market,
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    stick with a lot of things that seem to be working and then along comes google to rip the rug right out from under me... I sometimes think there are things that make it impossible but I will never give up.

    Just when I started to see some income from a method, mayday came and I had to start over but I always feel that I am too close to the golden vein to quit..

    some things I try but feel are too black hat and have decided to stick with building up my sites with rewritten or original content. seems to make a difference and it only took me 6 or more years to believe it.
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    Hey Craig,

    I was the exact same way!! Until I learned and 'mastered' 2-3 marketing methods is when i saw some results. But i know what you were saying: doing something, not finishing... that was me too!

    Greg Schmidt
    (Some say the Brad Pitt or Matt Damon look-a-like? I don't see it!)
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