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Hi Warriors

Can i use a Product Model number in a URL?
I dont want to use the manufacturers name just the model number for an exact match keyword e.g sony bravia KDL-40HX803 would become www dot KDL-40HX803 dot com (cant post links yet)

Many Thanks in advance

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    i think so, if it's not trademarked (and it shouldn't be).

    check here:

    Trademarks Home
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    i think it should be safe as far as i know some affiliates have been doing it
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      There is something I've seen about the three /// rule basically as long as it's past the third / you should be ok 90% of the time.

      for example

      Some terms do not allow that either so you do have to be careful.
      Having said that I usually do it unless I know different

      I would never go after a TM domain though

      >>>>> IM Know How<<<<<
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    Yes, you can do that!
    Some companies don't mind using their name in URL as long as you promote their stuff.
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    ****U R L****? YES! DISTINCT number, such as your example in a 2nd level domain? WATCH OUT! They may not like it and they may have copyrighted or trademarked the number anyway. DON'T FORGET, Intel had a HUGE lawsuit against people for copying a NUMBER!!!!!! A NUMBER!!!!!!! You see, they had processors like the i80386, and people would say like A80386, or even A386! Traditionally, the first letter indicated the manufacturer, and the number indicated the part. A part numbered 555(made by MANY companies), for example, is a single timer chip! But like intel had the i8080. When Zilog came out with a similar chip, they called it the Z80! Intel was tired of it and ACTUALLY tried to sue! They LOST that case, ****BUT****, it was because it was GENERIC! They renamed the 80586 the PENTIUM! They couldn't protect 80586, but they COULD protect PENTIUM!

    And there are laws, and legitimate reasons to protect DOMAIN NAMES, but URLs(which means the protocol ://domain_name /directory ?variables ) are pretty much fair game.

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