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by garyp
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Hi guys, Im new to the forum so thought I'd say hi.

My name is Gary and Im new to IM, so was hoping for some advice in which road to take for a beginner.

I bought Niche Blueprint 2.0 from Tim & Steve but have been watching and reading a few things on the web about click bank affiliate marketing.

I was wonderng if anyone out there could give me some pointers, places to visit etc etc

Thanks, much appreciated

Gary (UK)
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    did you buy "adsense100kblueprint" ?

    clickbank just like adsense......... make site with HQ content and buy traffic as many as you can to direct to your site........ hope your traffic will klik your ad........
    hope work........
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    I'd say just spend a few hours (or days) reading through the forums here. There is a ton of great information.
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      Originally Posted by ProfWriter View Post

      I'd say just spend a few hours (or days) reading through the forums here. There is a ton of great information.
      I agree with you. I need to develop my website so i keep reading all the threads now i got some information.Need to learn more
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    Hi Gary, and welcome to the Warrior Forum. You are already in the right place and like Profwriter suggests, read various threads, put "affiliate marketing" in the search window and read those threads.

    Do you have your blog? Where are you starting from exactly.

    You're in good hands here.

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      I have to say for me finding the Warrior Forum was the best thing. People on this forum are so friendly and helpful. Every time I am stuck on something I just post a question and it get answered with in minutes. There are also some great products that you can purchase that are really helpful.
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    Welcome Gary!

    First, put your wallet away and do not buy anything else.

    Second, take what you currently have in your possession and apply it.

    Third, give yourself enough time to really see if it can work. I would say at least 6-months from the time of implementing as you should see progress each month.

    Finally, figure out how to scale up what you're doing and repeat the process.

    Have fun!
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    Hey Gary - welcome to WF!

    Do exactly what stsnelson said - put your wallet away! Don't fall into that "I'm not seeing immediate results with this system so let me drop it" mentality. Keep pushing just one technique until you've mastered it, then move on.

    Every time you have a question, pop it in the search bar and see if it's already been answered - if not, ask away!

    Best of luck!
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    The best piece of advice I can give you is to really manage your time effectively.

    Spend about 20% of your time actively learning and the other 80% of that time doing what you just learned.
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    Hey Gary,
    Welcome to the Warrior Forum. I think you're in the right way as you're looking for Clickbank affiliate marketing. You'll find a thousands of articles, documents and thread in the Google search and even in this forum. Just read them carefully and frankly ask your queries in this forum. I'm sure that you'll find your desire solution from this Awesome forum.
    All the Best.

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    Welcome Gary,

    There is a lot of great infomation on warrior forum. You just need to find what your looking for and apply it. Have fun and may success be yours.

    Don't have the time to write emails that will get opened, read and your reader to take action then leave me a message. I will get back to you within 48 hrs.

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      Hi Gary,

      Welcome to the forum!

      You can learn so much about IM here - probably all you'll ever need to know - but it's easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information available.

      My advice would be to take things at your own pace, ask, ask and ask again if you need help and try not to get bogged down.

      It's a good idea to focus on one thing at a time - learn all you can about that particular subject before moving on to the next.

      There are lots of people on here who are giving away info - check signatures to see what you can pick up.

      In the meantime, take your time, have a good look around and remember that everyone on here was a Newbie once upon a time

      Good luck and shout up if you have any questions.

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