Valentine's Day Marketing Experiment

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About two weeks ago I created a crappy little valentine's day blog with three posts describing gift ideas for every marketer's favorite holiday apart from christmas and black friday.

The site has various amazon links and images for different products I recommend guys buy for their wives/girlfriends/significant others.

These include items like the kindle, engraved necklaces and heart jewelry.

I used 6 articles to drive traffic to the blog and so far I've seen 100 hits on the articles, 47 hits on the blog, 22 amazon clicks and 0 purchases.

This is my hack job attempt at selling products for valentine's day and I was shocked to see traffic even flowing from the articles to the blog and then even to amazon! My copy sucks but my suggestions seem to be of at least some value to those who read them. I am looking forward to seeing if this site actually turns a buck before valentine's season is over.

If I were to get into the "spear fishing" style marketing that this kind of site entails (instead of collecting a steady readership and selling them products like I do now) I believe that it would be fairly easy to set up sites like I have and leave them alone to make money forever.

Do any of you do this? Have you done anything for valentine's day marketing?
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    I never tried for valentine's product, but had a same experience like this before.
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    I've done this for the holidays (though not Valentine's Day) with some success. I always end up spending too much time writing perfect copy for limited returns, but I did make some affiliate sales this year. I think it's definitely worth the time, especially if you're super quick with setup.
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