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I have noticed companies that offer affiliate programs, some offer them as a paid
subscriber and others offer them to you a non paid

Which do you prefer?
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    You should never pay someone to promote their product, that's just wrong!
    The major affiliate networks are always free.
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    I've never heard of paying to be an affiliate. Seems weird...
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    I sorry I may have not made myself clear.
    I meant that some websites have an affiliate
    where you can join and not by there products

    And other sites have their affiliates where you have to
    buy there products first and then you are automatically
    an affiliate.

    So I was wonder which one you prefer?

    Mobiusman talks about the Head Brain/Gut Brain system. Did you know you have two different brains?
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    Do not pay someone to promote their product. As far as if I like having to purchase the product to promote it...I guess it would depend on what it was I was promoting.

    Peace & Light,

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    Obviously you will probably end up with more affiliates with an open door affiliate program however the quality of those affiliates might not be the same. The people who would happily buy your product before becoming an affiliate are the types of affiliates I would want to be attracting. But these people would buy your product regardless of whether they were forced to or not.
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