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Does anyone know of any good courses on authority site creation?

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    The site that talks and teachs some of what is required is The Challenge, a free internet marketing course.

    Brendon Burchard put out some information and a course about becoming an expert in your field ... and that kind of refers to what you are asking.

    Teaching Sells (currently closed) is probably the most comprehensive course as it covers how to develop a membership website with a lot of details on business models, developing content, etc. A quick google search brought up this site where you can see the course outline. Plus you have indirect access to Brian Clark and the other principles through the forums.

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    I have a few authority sites, and really the best way to do this, especially in very large spaces, is simply to do things the natural way. Build a useful website, get lots of people interested, form a community, get people talking about it in email/twitter/facebook, get people linking it naturally, and make the site robust and constantly creating new content for the niche that it is in.

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