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Hey Warrior Forum,

I will be launching a mini product soon and I will need to create a few killer sales pages to split test.

I'll also need to build a sales funnel (sales pages, special offers, exit splashes that redirect to other offers, etc).

Do you all have any recommendations for how to build these?

Should I hire someone (and from where?), or do you have recommendations for good sales page/sales funnel builders like optimizepress. com so I can do it myself?

Optimize press seems pretty good...any one had experience with it? Or how about any others?

It would be nice to learn a program that does the work for me and makes it look very professional (but also very customizable) because I'll have other launches in the future so I'd like to be able to do it myself.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    Seems like a quite a general question, need some more details like the niche or at least the type of audience you're trying to address. People react differently in various niches or demographics, if you can hire a pro with experience this would be the best way to go, saves tons of time, but make sure he knows what he's doing. Many people don't.
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    I still use good ole dreamweaver to build my entire websites, the drawbacks I guess are it is a little pricey if you're low on cash and it has a little learning curve as well. Goes smoother if you already know at least a little html and how to lay pages out, etc.

    The best advice I can give you I guess is assuming you have the budget for it, simply be the creator and visionary, and outsource the rest. You'll just frustrate yourself and waste a ton of time trying to figure out graphic designing, copywriting, or whatever else you may not know.

    Hope that helps point you in the right direction.


    PS. Who you hire is really up to you. This forum has a "warriors for hire" section that has a ton of great people willing to do anything you could need.

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    I use Optimize Press for these types of things now. I use to either do it myself or pay coders to do it for me but there is no need to now. Why go and re-invent the wheel? For the one-off price tag I don't think you will ever be disappointed investing in Optimize Press.
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      If you're talking about the design of a site, and not its content, I just discovered Artisteer.

      It's about 50 bucks, which makes it more limited than the much more expensive Web design tools, but it's as customizable as most people probably want or need, especially if you want to get a site up quickly. It allows you to make WP templates as well as some other types of blog templates, in addition to standard Web design templates.

      The more I play with it, the more I like it, especially for the price.
      Heidi Tran
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