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Hi I'm Brittany and I'm new to internet marketing. I don't know to much but I am learning. I am going into business with someone else and I was trying to find out how do I sign up for affiliate programs, with two people in business together?

Thanks for your help
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    Not sure I understand your question - do you mean you both are wanting to promote one product together?

    Peace & Light,

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      Yes I trust this person enough to do this with them.... They know more about this than I do, I know little but I have a lot of good marketing ideas for this I think i could do really good I just need there guidance on things to get myself started and we both wanted to try to do things together to see how they worked out and get the roll of things.?
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      Trust is no issue here, we were talking about how would we file as in taxes and if everything was only in one persons name and I mean both of us would want credit for the work we would put into the ideas and the time spent. I am here to learn so if i say something that you all don't understand please don't be surprised I don't know to much about this and I've read a lot on it lately just not a lot on two people being in business together we have some amazing ideas and yes two heads are better than one.....
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    I'm not sure if you can really do that.

    If you trust the person, you can just make 1 account and then split the payment.

    If not, you can just alternate affiliate links.
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    If I understand well your question you would like to sign up to an affiliate program with 2 persons in one single account? As far as I have seen, all Affiliate Programs only accept 1 person / business in one affiliate account. Why not form a busines with 2 people and sign up with your business name! Really don't see the benefit of this, unless there is no trust between you and your partner! If so, better look for another partner. If you both are mutually trusting, why do you want two persons ding the same work. Better divide and make full use of your time without duplicating efforts. Hope this answers your question to some extent?
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    The scripts of many but not all affiliate management programs will accept two names although mostly its for Jack & Jill with the same surname.

    However, its more important to arrange the legal aspects of marketing together including a Paypal account as many affiliate program payments are made via Paypal.
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    In this case it's about trust. you can sign an agreement with your partner about the split percentage so there are no issues.
    That should also depend on the amount of work either of you is putting in.

    It's good to have help in this busines though, it multiplies your effort - two heads are definitely better than one here.
    Good luck
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    Brittany, why don't you try this approach?

    1. You apply for affiliate programs.
    2. Your partner promoted them through websites or through social networking.

    The second part is easy because applying for affiliate programs is not an easy looking task. You need to have a good website and consistent visitors because the affiliate managers check the submitted URLs for several factors.
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