Here's a small tip for starters to dominate the SE world

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So here's a small tip that I got from an eproduct I purchased for about 300$, as usual it was pretty over hyped and stuff I already knew but there was one gem in there that I have kept for a long while.

Now the Pro's already know this so this tip is for you the starter-uper

Using rough gestimation I can say that Google is the predominant search engine for about 80-90% of the world. The problem we have today is tunnel vision, we focus to much on trying to get on google we ignore what is literally thousands of hits.

What I did when I first started was focus on the lesser but still popular search engines.

Then using the traffic from these lesser known sites I then optimize for google which in turn helps me get on google a lot faster then I would've if I just concentrated on google in the first place.

Saves you a helluva lot of money to.
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