Mobile Marketing: 5 Tips to Keep Readers Happy

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Smart phones provide a have become part of our daily lifestyle and greatly enhance our productivity. As a mobile marketer, you are probably doing everything that you know to get the most desirable results. But for some marketers, some of the things they do are not annoying but repulsive.
So what's my wish list? 7 things...
1. Give users what they ask or expect.
Some marketers trick users with a great story. However when users follow the link, they are redirected to the home page. Think about. Would you be happy with trickery? If it annoys you, be sure users are also getting annoyed. So avoid it.
2. Have content that's useful, relevant and timely.
Mobile marketing is about important, short and to-the-point information. Realize the fact that a mobile user who was in New York in the morning may be in San Francisco in the evening. What was relevant in the morning may not be relevant in the evening. And for heaven sake why give stories for news events that happened last week, that's not timely.
3. Make it easy for users to send URL links to friends.
Your campaign needs to reach to many people as possible. Encourage users to do viral marketing for you. Send out links that can be distributed and be sure that they have useful and relevant information.
4. Have different pages for different devices.
Mobile devices are not exactly the same. Some are smart and some are not. Yet they are all in use in the market. You need to have content that can be read across different spectrum. Keep in mind that technology is constantly changing so keep updating your content for the new platforms that come up.
5. Keep column widths 320-500 pixels wide for best mobile readability.
Did you know that the iPhone's screen resolution is 320x480 pixels? Any thing that is 500 pixels wide will need rescaling which, may leave the body unreadable. And that's not what you desired.
Final thought...
Always deliver your content via applications that your mobile users already know and use. Don't not ask your users to download applications if it is not an absolute must. Promote your mobile websites via users friendly services like Twitter. Mobile marketing is a powerful tool that when used properly can explode your business. You need to integrate it in you marketing campaign if you haven't done so.
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    Thanks, especially appreciated the point about the iPhones resolution. Never thought about that :p

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