[WEBINARS] How Do I Present Efficient & Profitable Ones Like Other Marketers Do?

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Hi Everybody, Sandy here..

For the last couple of years I've been an avid fan of online webinars.
I've learned a tremendous amount of profitable ideas for my online business.

I'm afraid to admit it, but I've spent a few thousand dollars
on webinar products, courses etc. -- So, I know they work as intended.

I'm very interested in starting my own webinars very soon.

Does anyone know of really good webinar tutorials, tips, ebooks, etc.,
that would give me an good education that will teach me how do this?

I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever how to go from start to finish
to get a finished webinar online. An A to Z Step by Step Method would be great.

Can anyone help with this information?

Thanks In Advance For Your Help,
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    I would think that the best way to learn is to talk to people have have been successful at giving webinars. This can be done by attending conferences such as Affiliate Summit.
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    Just watch this ad ...

    Automated Webinar Generator

    Looks good (not affiliated).

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    1: Set up an account with GotoWebinar.com. I haven't tried it, but I've heard that some people have started for free using services like Freebinar.com

    2: Create a powerpoint (or keynote) presentation. Have it ready to go in full screen mode. If you need, keep notes on another device or on paper. If you have a really large screen. Run it smaller, but make sure that the audience can only see the presentation.

    3: Prepare to call in by phone, skype or through Microphone. Be sure to practice and record the webinar. Be comfortable, and take notice to how sounds such as screaming children, barking dogs, and other noises may distract your listeners.

    Keep in mind that running a webinar for the first time can be hectic. If you're not comfortable speaking and presenting, you may want to try starting with a phone conference. You don't have to worry about visual aids and you can focus on your message. You can host and record with a service like freeconferencecall.com. Turn off call waiting before starting.

    4: Once you do two or three practice webinars. You might want to schedule some with friends and your core group. They are more forgiving than an audience that's not already familiar with you and your content.

    As far as presentation goes. I recommend using a simple formula such as:

    A: Introduction of Purpose of Webinar
    B: Introduction of who you and/or your guest
    C: Re-Emphasis Need (the needs of the audience)
    D: Emphasis the Benefits of solving that need
    E: Introduce the solution (or some aspect of it)
    F: Show the pain of not solving the problem
    G: Show how easy it is to take the solution
    H: Show how the solution provides benefits
    I: Show Social Proof (case studies, testimonials, etc)
    J: Ask for the sale
    K: Reduce the Risk (guarantees, etc)
    L: Feel the pain of missing out (fear of loss)
    M: Ask for the sale
    N: Rinse and Repeat (C through M)
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    Great summation.

    Did you try other Webinar companies out - or did you gravitate to GoToWebinars in the same way that most people gravitate to Aweber for their autoresponder?

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      I've been doing this a long time. So I started using GotoWebinar when it was brand new. I tried a couple years back to explore other options. But I was always disappointed.

      But I might add.. I recently dumped powerpoint and it's openoffice sister for the amazing "keynote" offered by Mac. With the new Mac App Store, I got keynote for $29, and it blows away their competition!

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      Great summation.

      Did you try other Webinar companies out - or did you gravitate to GoToWebinars in the same way that most people gravitate to Aweber for their autoresponder?

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