RSS Idea - Take a look at this and tell me if it will work...

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I understand the benefit of adding your RSS feeds to feed directories. I also understand that there is benefit to adding your feed to multiple directories.

But it's just one more thing that is added to the list whenever I make a new blog/lens/hub/etc. or join a new article directory (with a feed). That list of tasks keeps growing, and adding more directories to the "should-add -my-feed-here list" just makes the task list longer.

So here's the idea:

  1. Go to Pipes: Rewire the web
  2. Create a pipe containing a handful of your feeds (for example, a WP blog, a lens, and a hub).
  3. Add the resulting aggregate feed to the feed directories.
  4. Then, whenever you create a new site/property/whatever with a related feed, just head to the pipe page and add that feed to the pipe.

Your links from the new feeds will be distributed to all of the directories along with the rest of the contents of the pipe.

This way, you set up a pipe, then add it to MANY feed directories - many more than would be practical with individual feeds. When you create a new feed, you just have to plug it into your feed, and you're done.

Make sense? Will it work?
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    it does work.
    here's another, quicker method:
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    That makes perfect sense and it does work -- not to mention that it saves a lot of time. Don't forget about simple services like FriendFeed, too.

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    Theoretically, it should fact, Google reader has also a similar provision( but not as elaborate as Yahoo Pipes). RSS submission websites may require a title or something though...
    This can cause you a bit of issues considering that you are submitting a mixture of websites and most pipes will mix up the content of all your subscriptions or pipes and post them under 1 RSS feed URL.
    If you are looking for search engine mileage, it may not be that helpful, but if you are looking for enhancing the internet user's experience, it may just be something people are looking for.
    According to me, its worth taking a chance with your idea.
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    If you are going to use the social scene for backlinks, wouldn't it be better to not be so me, me, me? For example, why bother post a bunch of self-serving RSS feeds that list only your sites (that are probably in some sort of linking matrix anyway) that no one will pick up.....

    Why not instead, create an RSS mix that has a list of sites that are congruent and complimentary to your site along with your own feed?

    Just thinking out loud here though. I know that most marketers use the social networks to grab a bunch of backlinks for their sites but it was never intended to be used for that purpose and I imagine that if you give the love to the community, they may give you love back.....then again maybe not.
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    Had a few minutes so I messed around with this idea for a bit.

    [strike] is a super easy aggregator, but there's no way to go back later and add additional feeds. So while it would help if you're wanting to create one feed, it wouldn't help on an ongoing basis.[/strike]

    Yes you can edit the existing rssmix feed. Just bookmark the created feed, then when you need to add to the source list (for example when you create a new blog), go back to that page then click on the "create a new mix from this mix" link.

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      there was a report I bought a while ago on using RSS feeds but more in particular using "pipes", can't remember the name though??? I'll try and figure it out as it was good (I think :p)


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    Y Pipes has potential, there are similar services out there.

    I am, however, puzzled that i did NOT find a way to take the output of a module and feed it into eg. a HTML URl or RSS URL.

    those modules for pulling feeds are all "User Input" only...i had great ideas but it would require piping some output to the "Get RSS Feed" Module as input.

    Why this isnt supported is totally beyond me!

    (some tricky function) ---creates URL ------> (Get the URL/feed) <- doesnt work.
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    I've been using Yahoo Pipes for a while and got some great stuff going with it in the past.

    I looked at several of the other options out there but nothing compared to what you can do with Y!Pipes.

    In relation to the OP - yep, that will work. If you have a lot of different subjects you may want to split the pipes up otherwise you could end up with too much content in one feed. Don't forget as well that you can give it a CSV file as an input which it then loops through, so you wouldn't need to edit the pipe, just add a line to the CSV file.

    GeorgeR - not sure what you're trying to do there, if you can elaborate I'm sure someone could help, maybe even me!

    I'm guessing, but it sounds like you need to create a subpipe which you can then feed into another one as the input.

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