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I am always amazed at the evolution of this forum and its features. Allen and all else who have helped him mold this forum have always impressed me because of their sensitivity to what works and what does not. It takes a rare individual and group of individuals to cultivate a community this vibrant.

I have seen some of the most popular forums on the internet melt down and never fully recover despite quality efforts and top notch admin (No I am not talking about the IM market).

Some have floundered after being among the most vibrant communities on the internet after platform migrations and others after being hacked to death. The warrior forum not only survived a significant migration it exploded.

I enjoy seeing the innovations. For example the other day I was thinking that the left side of posts needed facebook connections... tells you how long its been since I looked at all the new options in the profile settings :-)

The share links are a cool idea too... that and facebook likes will be huge for growing this forum. For anyone who wonders the potential value of this forum... google purchased feed burner for 100 million with less than 200k users and they received 10 million in venture capital to get to that point.

I wanted to throw a suggestion out there... avatars can be used for a variety of purposes. I think the best purpose is portraying the personality of the poster...

Until recently my own avatar did not accurately portray my personality... it took some troll sending a ticket to my support desk calling me the biggest douche in the world (including no other detail but a link to my warrior forum profile) for me to decide to put up something a little more realistic ;-)

Here is my idea...

Along with the avatar and social links I suggest allow members to add a QR code that appears in that left profile column of posts. I think its much better than a forum full of QR avatars... seen that... lacks personality. But I think another spot, much the same size as an avatar, for a QR code in the left profile column would be a nice enhancement to the profile of members.

I'm not a fan of suggesting what Allen should do with this place because he does a better job than anyone else I can imagine... but that is one I wanted to throw out there.
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    Nice idea, but here is the devil in me,

    There could be issues with those - such as affiliate links popped in and who knows what. I think they'd need to be monitored.

    That is not to say it could not be put in the paid banner area of the sig.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    btw.. the character limit on the facebook id is too short to enter my facebook custom id.

    Also entering the facebook standard number id does not display a proper facebook page because the format does not render the same as a customized facebook id.

    So unfortunately I cannot use the facebook link feature in the warrior profile. Removing the character limit might resolve this since custom facebook urls are the only ones that work with that feature and they can have more characters than the standard ID.
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    I agree, I think there is too much room for the QR codes to be used and abused if you offer an option like that.

    I think a much smarter way to do this would be to have an option like Josh said, but instead of users being able to upload their own QR code image, the forum software would automatically create a contact card QR code based on the users contact information or something along those lines.

    I've seen some PLR QR code generators floating around of late so I don't think it would be that difficult for a programmer who knew what they were doing to implement. It would definitely give the forum a very modern touch.

    I guess the question is this. Does the advantages of having the QR codes outway the disadvantage of doubling the number of images each post has. It may not seem like much to us but I'm sure it quickly adds up when you are running a forum of this size and magnitude or you are trying to view the forum on a very slow Internet connection.

    I think if the code just displayed on your user profile page that would be enough?
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