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Hi Guys,

I am doing article marketing but it does not seems to work well for me.

Should i direct the articles to my blog then to my product page

Or should i direct the articles to the product page with a opt in?

Many Thanks
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    This is something you are better off testing yourself rather than take someone's opinion. You'll find that some markets do better with a bit of pre-selling (blog) while others are warmer and conver better when they are given an immediate and instant way to jump into your sales funnel.
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    I would rather prefer to dirct my articles to my blog , i heard it is working good for my friends anyway test both and pick the best one.
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    Both ways would work great.

    Except, I am suggesting that you should
    also capture leads on your blog as well.

    Use the footer opt-in script for your

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    Think in long term basis, would you want them to be on your mailing list so that you can drill them for more offers in future? or you are just looking for a short term gain, if so, just direct them to the product page and hopefully they will buy.
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      If you want long term and sustainable sales, go for the blog option. You can get people into your list that way.

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      Try to post your articles on top article directories. Post the articles on your blog. Use social bookmarking to drive visitors to your blog and from there you will get traffic for your website.
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    I think second option will work well
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    Yeah.. I have mixed feelings...

    If driving the traffic first to a blog, they may return in future to check out more news and later buy products from the blog.

    If driving traffic to the sales page, i offer a fee module which are able to capture their emails too.

    Both im able to capture their emails but blogs tent to be long term...but the problem is the conversion is lower...Headache..
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    Yes. Direct the articles to your blog for preselling. People want to find out what they are getting themselves into before they buy anything. Having a blog which may have a review of the product or other relevant information prepares the customer to buy.
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    Since you are measuring your articles' effectiveness by the number of opt-ins, I'd suggest only sending to a lead capture page or sales page with opt in. Monitor the number of visitors to the page. If they are not opting in or buying, then your page needs tweaking. If they are not going to the page, then it's your articles that need work.

    If the article directory allows 2 links, use both. One to your blog and one to a capture page. Have an opt in on your blog, and also a link to your capture page.

    Sending only to your blog can be a big mistake (at least that's my experience) since there's too many distractions there and the majority of people often leave without opting in -- then you've lost them.
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