Flock or Google Chrome?

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Which do you prefer Flock or the new Google Chrome? I my myself use flock but came across Google chrome today on youtube. Is anyone using it and if so what do you think of it?
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    I do use Flock once in a while but my main and favorite browser is Firefox because of the usefulness and some essential addons that I need to use.

    I uninstalled Chrome as running Java was a problem. maybe that has changed, I don't know.
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      I've never used Flock.

      Up until a few days ago, I've been using Firefox but for the past several days I've been having lots of unexpected crashes. I think some file got corrupted but haven't wanted to take the time to try to hunt it down.

      So I downloaded Chrome and while it took a few minutes to get used to, I'm finding it quite nice. A really simple and clean interface without all the clutter I was collecting in Firefox with all its plugins.

      There are still a few basic things in it that I'm still getting used to but that is to be expected as it works differently than firefox.

      I really like the address bar doubling as the search bar and it imported all my passwords and bookmarks from firfox with no problem so they certainly made it easy to switch.
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    Why not both? I haven't used Flock but that will probably be the
    next one I try out. Chrome is good and after a few days I made
    it my default browser, but then went back to FF. It is nice to have
    a few browsers right on the desktop anyway to check on the way
    pages look in them.

    FF has such a good system of backing up bookmarks, and of course
    the web development extensions. With Chrome it seemed like you
    had to download something else to be able to back up bookmarks.
    It does import them quite easily from FF, but I'm not sure it will be
    able to do it at all from Flock.

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    I downloaded it and i have to say that it is pretty cool. I used Firefox before but prefer flock.
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      Remember, Chrome is still technically Beta

      Love Flock, its my primary browser. Flock is just a pumped up version of FireFox and most FF add-ons will work with Flock. I have a lot of them in use at once. Plus, the the IE tab extension, I don't have any problems with websites that require that I use IE (my bank for sure).

      I still have Safari, FF, IE loaded, just to check how each engine renders website changes I make.
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        I've always used Firefox and I gave Chrome a try as my default browser for a short while.

        Whilst I was using Chrome I came across a few bugs and it's not ready to replace Firefox yet. But over the long run it will.
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    I'm testing Flock right now. I've been getting frustrated
    with Firefox and Flock is basically similar but less bloated
    - still has some of the same issues.

    I'm not currently running Chrome but I tested it for
    a couple of weeks and really liked it.

    I use Opera often (right now) but it has compatability issues
    with some sites.

    It seems most of us are needing at least 2 browsers these
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      I used to use FF and still do for some tasks but mostly I am a big fan of Flock.

      The ability to launch virtually anything into your blog or rss feed is just killer.

      You may also want to check out some of the helpful videos on youtube on
      how best to optimize flock.

      Just my 2cents.

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    Flock Google Chrome!

    And that's all I have to say about that.

    Never had any issues with IE7
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    I've been using flock since the beginning, originally because it enabled me to upload photos to Flickr just by the dragging them onto the media bar.

    The blogging part is great as well. You right click on any page and select 'blog this', and then choose from whatever blogs you have set up in Flock to post too.

    Chrome is nice. I really like it. Although it crashes a lot, I can't use Download helper, the Web Developer toolbar, Flashgot and other Firefox extensions with it, and there's no Google toolbar support that I access my bookmarks from like I do in Flock. You'd think Chrome would at least have Google bookmark support being from the same company?

    So I'll be sticking with Flock, at least until it's possible to pimp out Chrome with all the extra stuff I use.
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    Haven't used Flock before, although I did try Chrome, it's a really speedy browser with a really neat interface. But I remain a FF loyalist, there are some addons that I just can't surf without. But it's quite a resource hog though especially when you have like dozens of tabs opened.
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    Great ideas, I use firefox very frequently as it is generally more reliable than IE and it has great addons, but I have used Flock once or twice, but I think firefox is tops. I had some javascript problems with Chrome, so I haven't used it since then. Hope this helps you!
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    I am using flock and firefox v 3.0.6, but the latest ff seems to crash
    every now and then, and some sites won't load. So I have to use
    IE7 to open it. Haven't tried chrome, might try it sometime soon
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    I prefer firefox as well. I like the speed of google chrome though. It's nice to have webpages load super fast.
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    choosing between those - Chrome
    but i prefer firefox - there are a lot of plugins for it


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