Paypal Business Account - Can a Secondary Account Holder Use Their Choice of E-Mail Address?

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I've spent the last hour trawling through the Paypal help pages and Google and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. My wife and I have a joint bank account, and therefore a joint business Paypal account. Before, I have just associated my E-Mail address with it and used it when sending money etc and it would display my wife's name(as she is the primary account holder), not ideal but no biggie.

I decided it would be more professional/official to actually have a separate profile for me(under the same business account of our company obviously) so we did so. I can log in with my own profile, it displays my own name etc etc. All good. We have assigned all account privileges to me too. However, it seems I can't send money using my own name and my own E-Mail address. Instead, it will always display the primary E-Mail address for the account, and my wife's name. It's purely for organizational and professional purposes that I want to display my own name and E-Mail address, but from what I can see, it's impossible :confused:

Is it possible to do this, and if so - how? Any help much appreciated
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    well, i do not know the answer. But what i know, paypal support is back on its feet. Now, they take their support very seriously. I have asked them lot of questions in, log into paypal, go to help section and submit your question.

    I just reread your question. I had this same issue. I got my paypal account from my mom's credit card. I just changed from my mom's name to my own name. I changed it a year ago. At that time, their policy was, your primary paypal name can be changed , but sirname wont be changed.

    I hope your wife sirname is same as yours. So, just login and change your wife's name to yours. They may ask for identification proof. Just submit it.

    I changed from my mom's name to mine, because everytime i download my paypal statement, it use to show my mom's name. My tax lawyer wanted is to display my name. So, changed it for tax purposes.

    Hope this helps
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    Give 'em a call. Their phone help is actually pretty good (IMHO) and much better than their online support service.



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    Thank you Ankur and Neil, I'll get in touch with them
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