Small Business And Social Media

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Social Media is a great equalizer: big brands can be outsmarted without making huge investments, and small brands can make big names for themselves.

Blendtec was a relatively unknown company selling $400 high-performance blenders. after seeing CEO Tom Dickson testing the machines by blending two-by-fours, marketing Director George Wright had a brilliant idea for a series of viral videos. He started to blend everyday objects - glow sticks, iPhones, Rubik's Cubes, and television remote controls-and posted the videos to media-sharing sites such as YouTube. The videos have now been watched more than 100million times and have garnered the company a ton of press and buzz.

A small speciality baker in New Jersey, Pink Cake Box, leverages nearly every type of socal media that exists to build a substantial brand. Emplyees write a blog that features images and videos of ther unique cakes. They post the photos to Flickr and the videos to the company's YouTube channel. Pink Cake Box has more than 1.300 followers on Twitter, and more than 1.400 fans on Facebook.

The software startup HubSpot, has invested a lot of energy in social media marketing with some success. Our blog has more than 19.000 subscribers(fueled by appearances on Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon). Many of companies have more than 15.000 follwers on twitter, more than 30.000 memebers on LinkedIn and more than 5.000 fans on Facebook pages. Imagine yourself with that kind of figures...
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    Obviously it works for brands. But for a local business it has it's limits. As an example let's say Barry's Bakery in Wogga Wogga, Australia makes a viral video of some kind that he posts on youtube and links to his facebook page. He might get 1,000,000 fans from all around the world but it's still likely not going to have the same kind of impact it would on a brand that is able to market to customers worldwide.
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    • You are right in some point. But even those Big Names having problems with online marketing, ex: Domino's Pizza emplyees posted a video to YouTube showing them defiling food that was to be delivered to customers. That video was watched more than 1 million times in the first few days, and was the subject of thusands of tweets. What resulted embarrassement. The same with Motrin released a commercial that offered its product as a solution to the pain women experience when carrying babies in harnesses attached to their torsos. A day later, a small but vocal group of mommy bloggers had made the commercial the most discussed topic on twitter, most expressing outrage. These moms made a critical videos and blog posts and called for a boycott of Motrin. Eventually, the company apologized and withdrew the commercial. So is not really like the only Big Names can be successful in promoting towards SM but it can be even harmful for your business.
      If you run small business why dont you build fan page, maintain it on the daily basis is not expensive if you want to make it automated, otherwise is free. get your local people familiar with your brand and think what you could develop to reach bigger public(enrich your product line or product quality, etc). . McDonald's network was not that big 'network' when it's started...same as IBM...there is process to get to that level and back in the days, wasn't so easy like now, to reach such as massive public....

      P.S. What bus do you run, or think of?
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    My brother's a cake decorator and for a while I helped him create an online presence via social media. While doing some research on other bakeries, I've learned of one busienss that specializes in cupcakes; after sharing their creations with the world, they now SHIP their confections all over the States! It might not seem like much, but for the typical local bakery to become a nation-wide seller via social media is quite an achievement! I wish I still had that link handy...I'll do some searching. =)
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    Some of those big scenarios can intimidate small businesses but remember that even small accomplishments like 2,000 Twitter followers or 3000 Facebook fans can have a positive impact on your business.


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    • You're absolutely right Gifys, let those ppl get to know you. Some of them will like you some of them won't, but never avoid interactions. Have fun...
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