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Hey Warriors!

I'm talking about this because I know some who aren't as suspicious as myself may fall for this.

Instead of an affiliate outright spamming you with an email autoresponder typical message promoting something here's what they do now:

They email you asking your advice - because they say they trust you. They link to a product and say someone told them it was really good, that a ton of people are making money with it...and invite you to read the email autoresponder THEY supposedly got below their email to you.

Funny thing is, the email autoresponder has their link in it. And when you dig into it, you realize they sent this to a lot of people - not just you.

So here's what it looks like:

Subject of email:

Fw: Warning about article marketing

Body of email:

Sorry to bother you about this but I really trust your advice so I wanted to see what you thought of this before I invest in it. I got an email (see below - I forwarded it to you) and it looks good. I also also had several people tell me they're making a lot of money with it.

But since I always follow your advice, I wondered whether you think this is a good program.
Here's the email I got...

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Admin <admin@mysite.com>
To: your@domain.com
Sent: Fri, February 11, 2011
Subject: Warning about article marketing

Then THIS part of the email is a typical product promotion, with a hyperlink to the product. And sometimes, the sender is stupid enough to use a cloaked link where his or her name is obvious or trackable.

It wasn't sent by the original spammer at all - the whole thing is sent from the person who emailed you. It's not REALLY a forwarded message at all. Just another way of spamming you to get you to buy through their link.

The first few times, they got me. I didn't buy, but I thought it was a genuine email nevertheless. Now they're coming so often I decided to check the authenticity. Some really ARE real people asking my advice. And some are spam.

Tsk Tsk
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    I haven't seen this come in yet, but thanks for the heads-up! =)

    I have received similar spam from Craigslist, though. People go through the resume listings to gather e-mails of people they assume to be desperate job-seekers looking to make a quick buck.
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    I haven't seen this one either yet, but then you are a trusted person online Tiffany I have been getting a lot of spam lately though from people telling me they have made money from USA News site - I have given up reading them and just hit the delete button.

    Have a great day
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