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What are your experiences in having guest bloggers write for your website?

Was it helpful for your website traffic in writing for other blogs?
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    I do a fair bit of guest posting - one of my regular writing clients has me write articles which are then posted on blogs in the same niche for traffic and backlinks. If guest posting didn't work, he wouldn't be spending the money on it. His site ranks very well for his keywords.

    Expert content written by an experienced veterinarian and published magazine and newspaper writer.
    Feel free to contact me for details.
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    Hey Kyle,
    I've done a fair bit of guest blogging and it definitely does bring traffic to my websites. How much traffic depends on the blog, but I do see a bump whenever a guest post goes up.
    I really think it's worth my time, I enjoy writing immensely anyway.

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    Thanks for your input.
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    Guest blogging works for me. When someone guest posts on my blog, they bring along their people/traffic to read it and comment. So yes, that's an increase in traffic, some sign ups to my list, and a few new friends/opportunities.

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      One thing to be mindful about guest posting, though, is, if you do it, be sure that your own blog/real estate is prepared to handle the influx of visitors. Dependent upon how good your guest blog post is AND the authority/PR of the blog you submit your guest post to, you could really receive tens of thousands of visitors almost overnight.

      Also, be sure to make sure your content is updated, and everything you have appearing on your blog is structured to incur as much benefit as possible to you. This means, don't have your last blog post be from months ago...there are a wealth of considerations...but, you want new visitors have a sense of "newness" when they come to your blog through a guest post. If your intent is to gain more facebook fans, also be sure that links/etc are prominently available.
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    Guest blogging has worked great for a few people I know who contribute to rinf.. some of them have been offered book deals, their own radio shows and have appeared on TV as an authority in their niche.

    Check out Ann Smarty's A-List blogs, and contribute to them.. and use the Guest Blogging community http://myblogguest.com
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