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(I probably should have put this on my website or in the war room but what the heck )

I see a lot of beginners around that are unclear about the "best" way to promote affiliate products, so I thought I'd share a few techniques that have worked for me over the years...

- When I was a website designer and developer, I sold website hosting and domain names to my clients as an affiliate. Sometimes these add ins were written into the contact and other times they were simply "recommended resources" and the customer was left to choose their own... Which was usually the one I recommended

- When I did affiliate program management and consulting, I recommended affiliate program software that I made commissions from. Again the final choice was left to the client.

Today these approaches are called upsales or back end sales.

On content sites, I write about personal projects or hobbies or I write how to and instructional articles, then link to affiliate products in context.

- A gardening article about growing fruit trees may link to a specific type of tree I planted.

- A food photography tutorial might link to the camera or lens I used, a book to learn more, or props and lighting to improve the photo set.

- An blog post about my inlaw's newly decorated parlor might link to a tiffany chandelier that looks similar to what they installed.

I'm an avid reader and a similar approach can be taken with books. Read wealth building books or self improvement titles for example, then create a blog in a study group style that discusses information and inspiration spawned from each book. Link to the relevant books with your affiliate links through out of course.

Notice a theme running through all of the above approaches? Honesty and/or helpfulness.

When you try to create "reviews" based on what you gather online, if you're not careful you'll find yourself ringing flat and untrue. Reviews are much more honest and engaging when you actually have/have used the product. I spent $10 on a book last year that has directly made me back over $500 so far in return. There's no way I could have written on that topic with the same level of authority without buying that book first.

And no its not realistic to think you can buy every single thing you want to promote, especially in the beginning. But that's where the relevancy approaches from above come in. Research redecorating a bathroom and link to coordinated cabinets, lights and faucets. If you come up with a design lots of people like I can almost guarantee you will start making affiliate sales for those products. Do the same for any niche you're interested in... scrap booking, gardening, knitting, wood working, dieting, stock market and yes even make money online. It all works
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