Need an exit popup code in my wordpress site..

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Hi warriors,
I am looking to promote a click bank product on my website..i am looking for an HTML script that redirects to my clickbank product only when visitors leave my website...

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      Thanks Ray for the information.

      I've been using Exit Splash for

      my websites for months now.

      Its been working out well for me.

      I didn't know about robert script until

      now. I will try it out and see which

      one works better for me.
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      thank u..have a nice day my friend..
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    <!--Put the code shown below just above the </body> tag the footer file of word wordpress theme-->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    //Type in your downsell page link below, make sure to leave the quotes.
    redirectLink = "google[dot]com";

    //Type in the message you want people to see in the popup box below. Use single quotes instead of double quotes, double quotes will mess up the code.
    //If you want to start a new line, type: \n
    exitPopText = "***************************************\n\n W A I T B E F O R E Y O U G O !\n\n CLICK THE CANCEL BUTTON RIGHT NOW\n TO STAY ON THE CURRENT PAGE.\n\n I HAVE SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL FOR YOU!\n\n***************************************";

    exit = true;

    function ExitPop()
    if(exit == true)
    window.location = (redirectLink);

    function dismissExit(){
    exit = false;


    <!--End of code to paste-->
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