Does yahoo answer quality/relevance matter?

by thedog
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Hi guys, I'd like to get my new yahoo answers account up to level 2, so I need to start answering questions.

There's lots of really stupid easy to answer nonsense questions. Does it matter for your rep if you answer these, to get to level 2?

Or is it best practice to just answer questions in some of your niches?

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    You should answer only those questions which are related to your niche. This will help you in long run.

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    relevancy is always key for marketing.
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      To reach higher levels for your Yahoo! Answers account, it does not matter what level questions you answer -- easy questions, difficult questions or even really stupid questions.

      The more answers you have, the higher your level will rise, HOWEVER, as others have pointed out, you really should only answer questions relevant to your own niche.

      This is especially true if you use Y!A for marketing purposes or to claim your stake as a guru in your field. This will help in establishing your "guru" status as well as show others you are serious and passionate about the work you do (aka the answers you provide).

      If you go around answering any old question, those who really need your help will see right through your tactics and will not take you, or your answers, serious enough.

      As you may already know, Y!A can be VERY powerful site for "lead and follower generation" and should be taken serious. I even have some coaching students who now make nice 6 figure incomes and they started by answering questions on Y!A.

      As a marketer, it is your responsibility to show your potential clients that you take your work serious.

      You can't do that by answering a bunch of "how many oz. of fat are in a can of tuna" or "is it safe for adults to drink 'boobie' milk" (unless, of course, either of those are the niche you are in, LOL)
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