5 Ways to Improve Your Gravity on Clickbank

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Hello fellow warriors (I finally feel like I can say that), I'd like to pay you all back for your help with some info on how I went from 10 gravity to 35 in a matter of weeks, not months. And it continues to grow at a rate of 1 or 2 gravity per day.

1. Tons of Free Content

I made it so easy that even someone who had never entered the niche could create a site, spin my reviews/emails, use my high traffic researched keywords and start earning within 72 hours of signing up at clickbank. I know what converts with my audience, and I provide the free content in order to give new affiliates a leg up over the hurdles of learning a new niche.

2. Newsletter for Communication

Besides providing a 13 step course on selling my products, I also use a newsletter to alert affiliates of upcoming deals on my products, as well as ping them for feedback. Several have given me tips and ideas for improving my sales page that have proven invaluable. One even thanked me by creating a favicon and another provided me with some free coding. Affiliates who know what they are doing will always want to help you out to improve their own conversionsm, so give them an easy way to contact you by staying in touch through a newsletter!

3. One on One Assistance

Making myself available for one on one discussions over skype, ventrillo or even just chatting on gmail led to a lot of great discussions which aided affiliates in either making sales or improving their SEO/traffic generation. College kids could turn their passion for gaming into an income stream, and this was actually the largest demographic of my affiliate base. They have lots of free time and a need to earn money, why not convert them into affiliates?

4. Natural Growth

Once you have the systems in place to help out newbie affiliates, the bigger ones start to show up due to noticing your gravity increases. If the newbs could do it, you can bet a month's salary that the bigger guys knock your product out of the park.

5. Your Turn!

What do you do to grow your affiliate network and help new or old affiliates? Do you stay in touch and keep communicating?
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    Some nice tips there BUT the big questions is, have your sales actually increased?
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    We've found that doing step by step videos give aft examples of EXACTLY what to do has helped a ton.
    Just PM questions : Paul answers questions about rapid product creation, recurring revenue and creating online training programs. Mark answers questions about SEO, organic traffic, & local business marketing.

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    Since there are so many new people wanting to get into the affiliate biz, I believe your willingness to provide newbies with the amount of information and support that you seem to provide will directly increase your bottom line. Most others aren't that willing to go the extra mile for their affiliates.

    There are many new affiliates groping around trying to figure out just how to promote products. Providing free content, an informational newsletter, and one on one support is a super way for you to succeed as well. Way to go!!!
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    In addition to free e-mails, I've found that offering free articles and images (banner ads and other ads) are great! Give them as much as you possibly can to get them started! Great post. Thanks!
    Daniel J
    Click HERE to download my FREE guide and learn step by step how I make a 6 figure (profit) income selling real products online while automating and outsourcing most of the work! (no website necessary!)
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    What has worked for me:
    • Sell multiple products under the same Clickbank account: This is a great idea for a few reasons. First of all, all of the product sales add to increasing your Gravity in the CB marketplace. Second, if an affiliate has cookied a visitor from one of your products and that same visitor winds up buying one of your other products...the affiliate gets credit for that sale. This creates goodwill with your affiliates as well as boosts the gravity in Clickbank.
    • Teach your affiliates to fish: Don't just give out tools. Train affiliates to become self-sufficient. I create tools...but I am more interested in training affiliates to become highly skilled at affiliate marketing in general.

    Besides that...create a killer product that is unique in your niche.

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    Always a good tactic to help as much as you can to bring up 'fresh talent' as you can be certain that a percentage of those 'newbies' will be big time marketers in a few years or less and they'll be the exact sort of person you want on your side when you have other products to promote or are looking for JV's etc.

    If you look at someone like Mike Geary (mr truth about abs), a lot of his success has come down to how much support and guidance he gives his affiliates. He will spend his own time and money testing different marketing methods for his products then pass the best results on to his affiliates so they get the best return on their investments. Obviously he has quite a big budget but the point remains the same. Treat your affiliates well and they'll do the same for you.
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