Merchant looking for best Affiliate site????

by dayfid
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If I am posting this in the wrong thread please guide me to where I need to be.
Or which thread has some info on this.

I have a couple websites that sell physical products and am interested in setting up an affiliate program. What I plan for the main thrust of it to be is offering the buyers of the products a way to sell/offer the products they already love and be able to earn enough to get their purchases free and even make money.

Any suggestions on how this should be run?
What is, in your opinion, the best affiliate site to go with in this matter?

Thanks for any imput,
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    Google Affiliate Program is a very good choice, and my last but not less advice is that you could visit amazon and add some of your products on it .

    The last one is not a affiliate program, you will have to pay a little monthly fee comparing it with the benefit of getting a huge amount of targeted traffic you will get from it.

    Also amazon has a PPC System you could test...

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      aldovacano, already have an Amazon store but my idea is to reduce costs by sending people straight to my site.
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    My best recommendation is Yahoo Merchant Solutions. They've got a push button affiliate program integration strategy you can use included in their merchant package. And they're very trustworthy.
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      Thanks guys,
      I'm going to be offering this to raw noobies who may never have sold anything on line before so I want to keep it as KISS as possible.
      I have checked out share a sale and CJ, Share a sale has some pretty steep start up fees for a merchant but I didn't find the fees for CJ.
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