Best Wordpress Plugin For Adsense?

by callmestrip 7 replies
Looking for a good Wordpress plugin to add adsense to one of my sites.

Is there one that stands out above the rest?
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    I like Adsense Deluxe.

    Either that or just get one of the many WordPress Templates that come Adsense ready. Just Google "Adsense Ready WordPress Templates".


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    Good plugins as the ^ mentioned can be Adsense Delux.

    You may want to check DoshDosh, they've some good adsense ready themes.
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    WPS Publisher - add adsense or yahoo ads.. Full ability to colorize ads to match site, full controls on placement, sizes and etc.

    Only way to get the plugin is by being a customer though as it is not released in the public..

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    HORRIBLE..i tested a few and thought of them as epic fails.

    IMHO just take a good AS-template like "ProSense"....i didnt like any of the available adsense *plugins*.

    look how great adsense blends on my

    I love this template!!
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    I used to use AdSense Deluxe. It stopped working on a couple of domains.

    Now I use Why Do Work -- great plug in, very happy with it -- WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin | Work at Home Blog

    Thanks for reminding me: I need to add it to a couple of new domains I'm working on. :-)
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    I do not need a adsense ready template. Just a good plugin.

    I am trying a little experiment here. I am making a website about my current location. Kind of like a travel guide. Very boring... but could bring tons of traffic.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    It is in the very beg. stages but you can check it out if you want.

    Everything Tuscaloosa, AL
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    Try the all in one adsense with ypn, i use it and it is working for me. very simple to set up and gives you quite a few options.
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