I am on an email list and I was considering leaving, but this made me stay..

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Just sharing a story of a nice thing that an email list owner did for me, the subscriber, and it inspired me to stay on the list. Keep in mind I hadn't mentioned leaving or anything, he did this for every list member who had been on it for a while.

He sent something along the lines of "Thanks for being a dedicated member of this list and for staying with us for these last few months. If you would like to write a quality review for my site and this list in general, I will put your review, along with a link back to your site with the anchor text of your choice, on the homepage of my site."

So I wrote the review, and voila, my site was linked from his. This got me a nice backlink which has generated a good amount of traffic to my site (tens of people per day from that link since the link went up).

So email marketers, take this as you will I thought it was beneficial for him and for me as a subscriber.
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    This proves again that there is a lot of value in treating your subscribers as individuals, not as numbers on a computer screen. It's so vital to build a good relationship to your subscribers, otherwise all the effort you put in to get them, isn't worth it
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    Good post and great idea. I wonder what other similar offers can be made that will benefit both sender and reader?
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