Why Won't My Squidoo Lens Go Live!

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I created a Squidoo lens yesterday but it still has the little grey circle next to it saying it's not live.

Then I created a new Squidoo lens today and that went live instantly. The only thing I did differently is the one I created yesterday I created half of the lens and then saved it and came back later and finished it off.

The one I did today I just created the whole lens and then published it.
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    Nah is a pretty full lens with quite a few modules on it so I don't think that is the problem.

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      Make sure that you have Amazon ads on it. And make sure that someone view it or you view it withou you log in to their sites.
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    Squidoo has some rules when it comes to publishing - there are a few subjects they don't particularly like (the diet niche being one of them). Also, sometimes, they just take a little while to get them live.

    If you can click on your lens from your dashboard and see the finished version, then it's live and can be found by everyone outside the Squidoo community, ie: search engines, etc. (It's just not live "inside" Squidoo. In other words, someone who's searching in Squidoo will not see your lens yet).

    If your subject's not a "no-no" subject, then it should be live to everyone in a day or so.

    Hope this helps and isn't too confusing!
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    Thanks Kristen - I think this subject is fine. I can see the completed lens if I type in the url so I guess I'll just wait and hope it comes live soon
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    It happens to me too and I can't figure it out yet but oh well onto the next project.
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    Squido!! well that is s service I don't very much like and I don't know why. I tried a couple of lenses with them and I did not just see the point. I think you should just be patient, or you can try to re-do the lense and re-publish and see what happens

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    Same thing happened to me one lens i completed fully went live straight away,the ones i had in draft then tried to publish stay grey.
    Thought i must be doing something wrong seems not.
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      I would bet as Kristen said that it has something to do with either the subject or content. There are certain "trigger words" with squidoo where If they are in your lens it won't publish. You can always contact them and ask why you are not getting published.
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        The amount of time it takes for lenses to go live seems to vary - can take over 24 hours sometimes. If it's still not live by this time tomorrow then you may have triggered their spam filter - but then they do usually tell you if there is a problem. This has only happened to me once and there was a message at the top of the screen telling me it was locked. If still not live tomorrow then you should contact them.
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    Thanks everyone, I logged on this morning and it is now live - just took a bit longer.
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    I think you need at least three modules on your squidoo page otherwise it wont publish. Either that or you dont have enough content on the page.
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    Thanks guys - this thread is 2 weeks old and as I mentioned above the lens is live

    There was more than 3 modules, there were no 'banned' topics, it was just the system, it just took a little longer than my others!
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    It seems that if you are using some key words they do not like they review them too. I had a diet lens and it rejected it several times before I got the idea to change some words around.

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    I am glad that you got your lens to go live. In the past I have also had trouble getting them to go live but it all works out in the end.

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