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Hi everyone. I've created a fixed-term membership site in the dog training niche. I really believe in my product, and I've invested a lot of time in making it the superior option in my market.

Right now, before I start marketing it to my list and looking for a few JV partners to do a Walker-style launch, I want to drive an amount of traffic to it and test the sales page. I've gotten a little bit of traffic so far, but I feel that my sales page isn't optimal. Any thoughts you have on improving the sales page (and anything else about the site) for conversion rate (which is currently at 0, in case anyone was wondering) would be FANTASTIC.

Here's the URL:

Response Revolution

I don't know what else to change to optimize it -- so any ideas would be extremely appreciated!

Thanks everyone.

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    Hello Lauren,

    Your sales page looks quite nice.

    The trouble is, it takes too long to figure out exactly what it is that you have to offer.

    The video shows someone playing with her dog (I don't know if that's you).

    I'm not sure if that is going to convince a troubled dog owner to keep watching.

    How about trying something like this.

    Find out one thing that troubles most dog owners. Make a video about how to solve that problem.

    In your headline, tell your visitors to watch a short video on how to quickly solve the problem.

    You see not everybody cares about being proud of their pet. They may simply want it to behave well so that it doesn't trouble them.

    I think drilling into what exact problems your target audience is looking to solve will help.

    At the end of the video sell them the membership. Or better still get them to opt in to your newsletter for more tips.

    Your copy talks only about what you want - the cost of membership etc.

    You need to talk more about the results they will be able to see with their dogs after they join.

    Good luck!
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      It isn't really a sales page, that might be part of the issue.

      A sales page does only one thing and with my screen you have 14 things that I can see for people to do above the fold. That includes live links and the two on live calls to action Watch video and read letter.

      That is the place to start the changes.

      You could try taking away your navbar.

      Put your sign in link in the footer. If people are paying for the program, tehy will find the link or you cnasend it in your welcome email.

      The first thing that people see on a sales page is the headline telling them about your offer, but that is not the first thing people see on your site.

      I don't know if you can edit your theme or not, but making your sales page more sales pagey could probably help right away.

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        Like others have posted I would narrow the focus of what it is you are trying to get the visitor to do on the page. You only have a few seconds to grab the visitor's attention and get them to act (either by sticking around to read more or to take some action like clicking a link).

        Also I don't know if it's just me but the page took a long time to load on my end. Might want to try and slim the page down and/or get a better host.
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          I think that on the plus side you come across as a genuine person who knows what your talking about but the sales page does not look finished. I suggest you find a similar programme that is converting well and copy their sales page. Good luck with it – I can see the effort you have put into it, just need to finish it off.
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    Before your headline "After literally" try putting this:

    Your dog deserves the best!

    Your everyday life with your dog deserves to be the best too!

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