Can you really make 'a ton of money' with CPA Marketing?

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Hi there everyone!
Just a quick simple question which I wanted to ask you all generally here on the Warrior Forum:

Is it REALLY possible to make some decent money with CPA marketing (i.e. by promoting CPA Offers on the search engines using Pay Per Click advertising)? The reason I felt prompted to come here and ask this question is because I've been working through a couple of 'courses' (which I had to pay for - in good faith) that are very strongly claiming that there is a 'ton of money' to be made using CPA networks!

What I really wanted to know (by posting this question here) before I decide to become directly involved with this 'business model' at first hand is this: Is this really true, or is it just another crock of hyped up 'IM' BS, designed only to make the course creators money, and not those people that took a chance and decided to buy these courses? I may as well elaborate a little further here by just mentioning that one of the courses is called Confidential Conversions (presented by Philip Mansour), and the other one (much more recent - released several months ago) is called CPA Renegade, launched by Saj P (and presented by Mo Moller and Ashley B).
The thing is, the courses really DO seem very highly believable and plausible, and all of these guys really DO seem to be absolutely rolling in money too!

I am hoping that someone here who is familiar with CPA Marketing as a possible means of being able to make 'serious cash' online (and who has already well and truly put it to the test by doing it themselves) will be able to answer this question for me. Any input or feedback about this would be very much appreciated.
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    It is possible to make a lot of money with CPA marketing. I suspect that much of the big money is made by buying clicks to your CPA offers, like on social media sites that allow it. And if you can get a decently converting campaign that allows social meadia promotion. Many campaigns do not.

    Depending on what offer you are targeting, you might be able to convert high enough to make a profit by ranking well for your page with the offer on it. that is harder. I have done that, but it is a fair amount of work, and does not work out so well if the company running the CPA offer terminates the offer.

    Short answer is yes. Longer answer is it depends on how much tiem, effort and money you have to provide in order to get people to your offer display and convert at a high enough rate to make back your investment.

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    The simple answer is yes you can make decent (or a ton of) money with cpa marketing. But that's not groundbreaking (or even really helpful) information.

    The bottom line is that you can make money with anything with the right traffic (people interested in the offer) regardless of the monetization method.

    The reason why some people are able to make a lot of money with CPA is that there are a lot of offers that appeal to the general public (health, wealth, and relationship verticals) and you can push a lot of traffic with media buys to these markets. On top of that you are just trying to get a lead instead of a sale in a lot of different offers so the conversion can be easier(not always though depending on the data required before you get paid for the lead).
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    Yes you can really make 'a ton of money' with CPA. I'm bringing in roughly $3,000-$3,500 a month with CPA content lockers and TV streaming websites, with all the tedious work outsourced.

    Then again you can make 'a ton of money' with most IM methods out there, it comes down to the work you're willing to put in and your ability to push forward regardless of the hurdles.

    Edit: I suppose it also depends on what you perceive "a ton of money" to be .
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    CPA marketing is the future of our industry. It's about Lead Generation. The reason you can make more money in CPA marketing than other types (Clickbank, Amazon, Adsense, Etc), is that the offers appeal to the masses, and are scalable to as far as you can see.

    The niches in CPA are HUGE:
    • Diet
    • Biz Op
    • Education
    • Dating
    • Insurance
    If you can learn to become a marketer, and figure out some way to get hundreds of people to fill out these offers daily, you will become a very rich man.

    DAILY volumes of $XXX,XXX are not uncommon in the CPA realm.

    Life is a beach I'm just playin' in the sand.

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    Yes - Especially with PPC & Media buys.
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    CPA is a more volatile industry to work in, but it's much more rewarding. I've done hundreds of thousands of dollars with CPA networks, and I know several guys on a personal level who do mid six-figures per month. Yes, CPA is definitely for real.
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    Mid six-figures.... You mean $400k-$700k ?
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    You can make "some" money but i think the majority of people is bound to only make "some" money because they use crap like low quality traffic, youtube, facebook content lockers...or very low paying zip/email submits.

    HOWEVER - there are some gems and very well paying offers, talking about $50+ - $500 per single lead..... you just need to look where to find those offers and then of course generate the leads. The BIG money is not in $1.50/conversion zip submits and with low quality traffic. But the majority of people doing CPA doing exactly that.
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    There's a subforum here for CPA discussions

    Ad Networks - CPA, CPM, CPL - Millionaire Makers..
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    Another important thing is your traffic source.During my work with peerfly I have seen that most of the offers targeted at USA traffic.So If you haven't enough traffic from USA then you are not going to make a good amount of money with peerfly.

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