Best book on keyword research?

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What would the best ebook, or otherwise,

free, or otherwise,

devils in the details,

book on keyword research be?

Or is that to broad a question?

Who in your opinion is the best teacher in this all important IM

To get better at keyword research

I just feel that I am not as "second skin" comfortable with my research as I should be.

I am particularly seeking the opinions of the most experienced adwords

people, because IMHO you have to be so dead on.

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    I just use google keyword tool.
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    I never used a book on keyword research. It never occured to me. I just use different tools. I use wordze, google keyword tool and

    To get better at keyword research you can use PPC ebooks to learn better. You could try some of the post on he has a lot of great tips on there. Check out other ppc blogs too.

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      I actually made a post on my blog recently about this very same topic. Take a look at my sig.
      The book I talk about in there is great, It sure opened my eyes about doing keyword research the right way.


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        Practice makes perfect.

        Learn by doing and you'll get better at it over time.

        There is plenty of info around on Keyword Research. No need to buy a book. Search, read experiment. You'll get there.
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    Honestly, your head is the best keyword tool. Your head + G's Keyword Tool
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    Actually there are lots of keyword research tricks. The purpose of the keywords matters alot aswell (seo,ppc,ppv,cpa). People who say it's all really obvious or simple are the same folks using the same tools as everyone else coming up with the same set of keywords.

    Don't get me wrong, you want to know how to do "traditional" keyword research, since it can help with more unconventional keyword research methods along with keyword manipulation.

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    Google trends is an excellent tool too. Keyword usage can really change with the trends and this tool helps to spot that.

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      Originally Posted by freudianslip27 View Post

      Google trends is an excellent tool too. Keyword usage can really change with the trends and this tool helps to spot that.
      Isn't Google Trends defunct..?

      Everyone really tends to make keyword research harder than it has to be... First, think about the market you are trying to reach and what they would most likely search for.

      Or you can do what I do and go to Google Keyword Tool and type in the market and let Google tell you what people search for.

      Now that you have the keywords go and create content to exploit those keywords. The competition for those specific keywords will determine how much content you need to create in order to show up for those keywords.

      Although there are other methods for getting fast Google placement for specific keywords.

      (Hint: Social bookmarking; squidoo & hub pages; youtube)

      Mike Hill
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