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For those of you who are successful at building niche blogs;

I'm just curious, once you've set up the blog, and you have it monetized, how much traffic needs to be pumping into the blog on a daily basis before you see it consistently getting any traction (i.e. making a reasonable profit of $100-$200 per day).

Disregard any distractions about targeted traffic and other variables....on average, do you have a gut feel that it takes 100, 250, 500 (or more) unique visitors per day?

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    If you want to make a profit of $100-$200 per day the minimum required traffic if 10000. it's based on the calculation i have done. however, it also varies on the kind of niche you have selected and also the kind of traffic you are getting to your blog.
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    I guess it depends on how you monetize it.

    If you monetize with AdSense, then traffic is the key.

    But if you monetize with affiliate, then conversion is the key.

    The best would be traffics and conversion..

    But i haven't reached that amount daily yet

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