What is a good click thru rate for your resource box?

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just wanted to get a general idea? what's would be considered average & what would you say is a good click thru rate for your articles?
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    It depends on many, many different factors.

    For me, an average of 17%/18% is a really good click-through rate.

    A year and a half ago, my average click-through rate was about 37%/38%, but I now earn far, far more from my articles with an average click-through rate less than half of that.

    It's tempting, and all-too-easy, to make the assumption that a higher CTR is going to earn more money, simply because more traffic "ought" to equate to more income. It's not necessarily so at all, and it's easily possible for the opposite to happen, because they may well be different groups of people. I'm just mentioning that in case anyone assumes that "aiming to increase their CTR" is necessarily going to earn them any more, even if they do manage it successfully.
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      I too float around the 18% mark. I think most of the more well known/established article marketer types, such as Alexa above, will give a figure of around 20% generally speaking.

      I think the only time you should be truly concerned with the CTR is if you're getting like single digits. You probably need to change things up. Unless, of course, your account is getting a bunch of sales despite that
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    id say good is 15-20% great is 35-45%
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    As Alexa said, it depends on your audience.

    There is one place I get published that delivers 0.3% CTR that produces thousands in revenue reliably.

    Yet other sites deliver 15-20% CTR and produce tens or hundreds in sales.

    I measure success in dollars earned, not in CTR percentages.
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