I need advice on choosing a domain name

by roweis
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I have found a very good keyword that I would like to use in my domain name, but the domain names that incorporate this keyword are all taken (the.com, .net, .org extensions are taken) and I don't wish to use dashes in the domain name. My only option is to add an extra word to the keyword. An extra word could be "info", or "guide", or "review" or "sale" Could anyone please help me decide what a good extra word would be, besides the ones I mentioned? The keyword involves a physical product, so it could also be "store", "shop" or something similar. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Go to Google, start typing in the keyword phrase and see what other words they show up after your keyword phrase as popular searches.
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    I am new here. I don't know better.
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    It is very important to have keywords in domain and you are right it is often taken. Select aword to add extra is also not easy. For a physical product, I would add Premium or Quality if you do know any other you like.
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      Check out this site: Nameboy It's a good site for finding variations on a name, and adding suffixes and prefixes to it. I've been using it for years.
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    I agree with Will use the Google adwords keyword research tool and start looking for exact searches related to your potential domain name. Once you find a good one buy it. Then optimize your sites content with your keywords, and start backlinking.
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    Maybe Some softwares would help you to check out which domain name or keyword is more popular. Thus, I think Google adwords keyword research tool would be helpful.
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    You can use Adword Key tool for the keywords, which are searching people.

    Their information is very reliable.

    You also use "nameboy" for searching domain. It is very good.
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    I feel that researching a domain name is very important and by that I mean extensive researching. Sites like Adword, EOI, AMAZON.com are great researching tools
    Take me for example.
    I went through a few sites and thought I would like to do Weight loss for my 1st niche and purchase a doman called losing-weight-right.com

    Turns out I know nothing about the weight loss niche and I have lost $20 for the domain name for nothing.

    1 other tip personally feel is that, for starters. maybe you can try a domain name with your own name.
    Cause with your own name, you can practically do anything with the website without worry it has no conjunction with your domain name. Just a personal opinion.

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    $20 is way too much for a new reg for a .com - its only $8 in my country.

    Anyways, all great advices and if all fails just add a sounding letter at the end like goodr.com, textl.com, etc.
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    make sure your targeted keyword is an exact match of your domain name
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