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Hello, I am new to the Warrior Forum but have read many interesting posts here. I am new to affiliate marketing and hope to be able to work from home at some point. The e-mails I get and offers I have seen are mostly bogus or scams. I suppose with the economy the way it is and lots of people wanting to work from home or online, scam artists are having a field day!! So...the question I have is: Does anyone know of a real legitimate work from home or work online site that lives up to its promises??? I am also relatively new to using a computer so I would like something that is fairly simple and hopefully one that does NOT have tons of "upsells". I dont mind investing for my future here online, as long as it is a legitimate site. Can anyone recommend something???
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    Originally Posted by Netbizone View Post

    The e-mails I get and offers I have seen are mostly bogus or scams. I suppose with the economy the way it is and lots of people wanting to work from home or online, scam artists are having a field day!!
    Ha ha , this is funny but true! scam artists having a field day with clueless newbies. But rest assured if you want to start a legitate work at home opportunity online you have come to the right place.

    It will not be an easy road, you will have to educate yourself as much as possible and ask questions. There are alot of experts here on WF willing to assist you in any area of internet marketing.

    There are many areas but you will have to analyse them all and work with the one that best suits your personality or the one which yields best results for you.

    All in all everyone here will agree with me the Article Marketing seems to be one of the best and proven online marketing strategy.

    for one you will need your own website, but as to the product or service which you will market depends on you.

    there are a few things we do here such as
    (1) List buidling ( thats like collecting a large amount of emails from potential clients)
    (2)article marketing ( writing articles and submitting to free directories to build incoming links " otherwise called backlinks" to your website)
    (3)creating an ebook and selling on clickbank( write a soft copy pdf document about a topic which you are expert at and sell online)
    (4) promoting affiliate programs ( this is where you get a commission for selling other people's stuff)
    (5) create a free website, like a forum,dating or social network site and generate revenue through placing pay per click banners ( like google adsense) on your site.

    There are many more ways to make legitimate income online which the others will share with you as well, but the key is to educate yourself properly and work hard. results wont happen overnight you must be persistent and try to master the art of IM before the real results start coming your way
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      You may hear this a lot, however I guess I'll be the first one to chime in with it. Become a War Room member. The reason I say that is because there are A LOT products and Ebooks about making money online that are legit and they won't cost you a dime.

      Pretty much what you need to start out with is a good "how to" course. I'm not going to promote one in this post, but check out the product review section here in the forum to get some ideas.

      If you have no idea how to make money online, then buy a product that teaches you how to do affiliate marketing. It's the easiest to start because there is very little over head.

      • Find a product that the market wants
      • Put together product review site for product
      • Drive traffic to your site with articles, seo and ppc
      • Convert traffic to sales
      • Offer something of value free to your viewers, even if they don't buy

      Total cost for the above model will very. However, you can start it for under $100.

      Once you make a sale with the site and feel good about what you are doing...open another site. Most online marketers make money in several niches.

      Pretty much just to come full circle here. Join the War Room first and check out some products that are offered there.


      Go to the product review section and see which (if any) products interest you before you purchase.


      Follow the product (either paid version or free one from the forum) to the letter. Do everything the product says to get best results.


      Get to work writing. Online marketing involves a lot of writing.

      Hope this helps,


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    Welcome to this forum and guess what you are in the right place and in the right time.

    There are lot of scams in internet world..I won't say the opportunity is scam but the owners of that scams don't know how to do business or they don't want to help others to succeed, all they know is how to full their pocket from this 95% people.

    Here you will find good legitimate business but before you do any business think long-term and work, think as business because any business what you will start will says your mind that it is legitimate business but no getting any result than you will might think as scam or bogus and so on.. but they are legitimate business. Success depends on plan, marketing, advertising and promoting.

    What I want to see is join any membership or network site where you will find a lot of members so you will see yourself how others are getting successful which will inspire to get success and pick a mentor.

    Finding legitimate business is easy but workings for it and making as a success is hard.

    You can start affiliate marketing which I want you to start because you need to learn how to sale a product than you can create your own product than you will understand the conversion rates and so on. You are in the right place and this place you will have lot of things to learn...

    Keep learning and you will be successful in long term.

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    Aside from what's been said already, I would like to add that I wasn't very much different from you not long ago. My advice is to never give up, you will learn something new everyday. Try to set small goals, and eventually you will complete them.
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    You may work with affiliate program.Just join an affiliate program,get the affiliate link and promote the link everywhere in facebook,twitter,own blog or sites,forum etc.Keep patience,continue the hard work,make sales or leads and earn cash.
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    IM Is not a hobby. Its a business. I have had many people come to me to ask for me to mentor them but they just wanted a quick push of the button "please do it for me" approach to mentoring an getting their goal.
    And yes I helped them in the beginning warning them if they did not become their own expert at IM they will be back where they started. Confused and broke.
    Now I am not playing with chance takers?
    Are you a serious entrepreneur?
    Do you really want to be in this business?
    If you have the answers to that contact me on Facebook.
    Cause I don't think you understands what it takes to want it bad and give your all.

    Asanda Madikane

    Get paid to giveaway free stuff. Who says no to free stuff. See how I get 20+ leads a week. Selling Nothing. That Free Thing 4uu

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    I would say stick with what you know - we all have something we are passionate about... meaning you can talk and write about it all day long...

    People will see that in the content, how you communicate etc... very quickly by blogging about what you are passionate about and using the right 'magnetic channels' you will become an authority in your niche very quick!

    And start make money...

    Warm regards
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    Hi Netbizone,

    I can relate to your question as I was in the exact same spot back in April 2010 when I first started.

    My recommendation is to check out Ed Dale's "The Challenge". It's a totally free course which run's live once per year, BUT you can get started today if you wish. I have done it a couple of times now and learnt so much about setting up a niche site, SEO/article marketing and promoting affiliate products. The other thing I liked about it was that it is very step-by-step training.

    There are some upsells at the very end but really very soft ones.

    If you search Google for "challenge ed dale" you should see it as the #1 result.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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      this are not bogus and not scams.many people are making living online.after few days all the poeple in world start working from home.
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