Mexican Drug Runners Using Google Voice (accidentally calls friend!)

by dvduval 9 replies
I have a friend of a friend that shared a disturbing message with me and is seeking advice. I listened to a message that went something like this (names changed).

Hey Alberto, this is Ernesto. They just shot Felipe. They are coming after you next. Look out. Look out. Thanks.
The tone was not that of a threat. It sounded like there was real concern. My friend is afraid that if he contacts the police, it could be tracked back to his google voice number (which was accidentally called or similar). There have been other messages too (so repeated calls and not like a prank), but this was by far the worst. There were two phone numbers that were looked up and they were both in areas where one would expect drug activity (sorry, not going to be more specific than that).

What would you do?
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    Post on a marketing forum for advice.
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      Originally Posted by Bruce Wedding View Post

      Post on a marketing forum for advice.

      I personally think its a prank, but u definitely need to inform the authorities.. just in case..
      you can run all you want, you dont have to come and confess, they'll come looking for you(i mean they will eventually trace it right?) , they're going to find you anyway... Its best to approach the authorities yourself rather than hiding it.
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    Start a WSO about protecting your Google voice number from drug runners.
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    Obviously call the police.

    -__- vv -- thats me sayin 'winning'
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      Give the messages to the police - and then change my phone number.

      Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    PlotHost just trying to get his post count up... *sigh*

    Logic outweighs all.

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    Assuming your friend's friend is not Alberto, I would also recommend notifying the police. But even if your friend didn't notify the police I think the probability of him being chased down is unlikely.
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