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by marcza
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Hey there,
I am new to this forum, and glad to be here...
Been in the internet marketing game for a little while... decided to create my own product, planning to launch it in 2-3 months.

It s within the travel niche, focusing on a destination that has large search volume on Google, ranging accross large amount of keywords...most of them beween 4000 / to 100 000 searches per month.
It looks to be quite a niche product, and what is written is quality and wll certainly add value to a prospective traveller to this region....

So in a nutshell, what I have pulled together is quite unique, and more interestingly there is hardly any competition in terms of an ebook for this region...although the search volume is very high (travel to xxx etc etc)

I have done some research and am pulling a launch plan together... any advice on how to get this product "up and in" the affiliate networks? Get people to market it etc

Thanking you in advance
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    Would definitely be hard to rank for. Why don't you try posting to a site like jvnotifypro.com not sure if they take different niches but worth a look anyway, heaps of affiliates there
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      Thank you, that already helps will do that..... In terms of ranking for it..... woudl you say it will be difficult because there are such a variation of keywords, some with high volume?
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    There's an easy way to pull this and a hard way. To me it seems that you might be going on the hard way. Here's what I mean:

    The process of launching a product is based on the presoposition that you have a list. This list doesn't need to be the "normal" email list it could be a "facebook list" or a twitter list or just a forum list. So in a nutshell you need to have an audience.

    Having a list will allow you to do 2 things:

    1- test your product, email copy, landing page and sales copy.
    2- Will give you imediate sales.

    I don't know if you have a list but if you don't have one I would first take care of that part. Then I would survey that list so that you know exactly what they want, as opose to just create a product and then try to sell it.

    The next step is make the launch without affiliates, just send the product to your list and see how many sales you get. Then with that data you can approach affiliates and joint venture partners.

    This sequence is the one that creates the best results.

    The hard way to pull this off is to create the product and then hope for affiliates to like the product and promote it..
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      Agreed, don't let it put you off though keep at it and find a good method, you will make money
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    We are on the same avenue now, I'm going to launch my own product
    on health niche.

    But I read the reply of mariomvr, this new to me, email list marketing
    is not on my list on how I will market my product. I want to learn
    list building and email marketing and I hope there's someone here that
    will help me on that.

    Goodluck to both of us marcza!
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      Yep I agree with Mariomvr

      Test your product first, then once you have some solid results
      you can leverage these to bring affiliates/jv partners on board
      especially if your test stats can prove good conversions etc.

      You could always run a low cost adwords campaign for testing

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        thank you all, that is some great advice....one can feel a bit dispondent, especially looking at some of the "super gurus" launching their product, that most cost a whole heap! Followed the blueprint black lauch by steve clayton and team recently.... massive launch........ off course not something I can come close to...at least not right now

        I started up two websites some time ago, in two of the potential keyword areas.... slowly trying to get them up there.... Iguess that could be a good testing ground as well?
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        one last thing....in terms of it being an eproduct..... is clickbank the best option to go with?
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          There are other methods to run an affiliate program, but they are not recommended.

          Clickbank is really the only 100% reliable method that your affiliates will get paid because CB manages it and have proven to be reliable; thus any potential affiliates who know what they are doing will be more inclined to sign up with you.

          Since you are new you should seriously try to do a joint venture with someone who has already launched some successful products. There is a section in this forum called Warrior Joint Ventures

          Be careful about potential JV partners stealing your idea.

          But the whole thing about starting a list, while it is a good long term goal, there is a lot of work and time involved in making a list. I think you need to rethink this approach.

          You have to consider the niche you are working in and how much "shelf life" the list has. For example, people traveling are going to make their plans and then they are done, so having them on a list for several years is not going to work. (its like the wedding niche, it has a shelf life only until the people are married).

          So your travel list has a shelf life of about two months while the people make their plans.

          If you wanted to do the list idea, you could make a business model like this that I think would work well:
          • Give your e-book away free on a squeeze page that is hooked up through Aweber to get their email.
          • Send a "thank you" followup email and let them know that you have found out about some crazy deals in this region and you will try to let them know.
          • Then find some "crazy deals" that you can be an affilliate for and put them in your emails. Most large companies these days have a way that they can credit you for making a sale.
          So the strategy above is not to sell your ebook, but you market affiliate offers through the list, and use the E-book as a way to get people on your list.

          David Lieder
          Astral Universe Worldwide Media
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