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Hi all

I currently have a self hosted Blogger blog with it's own domain. Traffic is small, but ok, and I do get some small amount of Adsense income and a few affiliate sales from it.

For a few specific terms, the site sits very well in the search engines. However, because it is under performing, and because I want to concentrate on other projects, I want to sell it.

I've thought about converting the Blogger blog to a Wordpress format, ready for the sale. I've done this with a few other blogs that weren't really getting traffic, but I found the importer for Wordpress a bit hit and miss.

So, my questions are...

1) is there a better utility to transfer Blogger posts / comments to Wordpress other than the built-in importer?

2) will I see a dramatic drop in traffic until the new Wordpress blog gets re-indexed etc?

Is there a way of transferring a Blogger blog to a new owner, bearing in mind I have multiple blogs within the one Blogger account?

Thanks in advance. All advice / ideas / suggestions greatly welcomed.
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