Will This Contest Attract Affiliate?

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I'm helping my friend to market his product - The Body Detox SECRET. One of the important steps is to recruit affiliate. So, I have outlined a contest to attract affiliate :

Everyone Is The WINNER Contest

In the contest, everyone will be paid when he reaches a certain milestone (3,5,10,20,30...). And, ultimately, the person who get the highest sales, will get $100 prize.

I make it 3 sales instead of 1 sale is to avoid fraudulent like people buying using their own credit card, claim the prize and later refund. Making it 3 sales will reduce this problem because I'll be able to check the name of the buyer (unless he flashes 3 different credit cards).

I wonder whether this contest is attractive enough and whether people actually will be motivated to promote the product. What do you think? Do you have any additional suggestions to make this contest better?

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  • Think of it this way:

    If someone does thirty sales, how much profit did they make from selling?

    I noticed it was a 37$ product, dont know about upsells etc, but I'm going to assume a 75% commission, as its about average.

    So they'll make roughly $27 bucks a sale, according to my assumptions.

    At thirty sales thats about $810.

    So, knowing that if you promoted and could do $800 regardless, would that extra $30 really matter? Even an extra $100 wouldn't be that appealing.

    This is from my stand point as a list owner, and someone that primarily uses lists to promote products.

    As a whole, most affiliates I know of don't really go into a product for the bonuses or contests.

    People don't like to compete generally, because the nature of the beast in this industry promotes lying and theft. It's WAY too easy to say "sorry man, you only placed third, had a couple big promoters" when really you didn't.

    If they ask you to prove it, then you can say "well I can't give away their info, they asked me not to, privacy policy, code of conduct, I don't want to" blah blah.

    You are usually better off offering bonuses, or maybe good services if you have them.

    I was part of one launch, where the winning affiliate got a chance to go 50-50 on a venture with that marketer. That's interesting.

    Your prizes and bonuses have to be either: 1. Pretty lucrative or 2. Unique, to garner any kind of additional notice.

    Your idea of "Everyone is a winner" is fairly unique, I'd roll with that, see how you can make it more lucrative without affecting your bottom line.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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      I would follow the great advice Christopher just offered up. Can't really ask for a better response than that

      Justin McGill
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    Hi Christopher, thanks for the advice. My initial idea of this is to pull the mass who is making 1-2 sales a day, so a $30 gift for every 10 sales might be some motivation.

    It seems that it is indeed not attractive enough I'll need to continue scratching my head to find a better way

    Thank you,
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  • No problem Rick!

    I've often spent many nights scratching my hair off thinking of ways to get more affiliates.

    Here is one that is timeless, obvious, almost always works, but is often overlooked:

    Help your affiliates help you.

    Give them email promotional material, give them banners, maybe share some adword ads, promotional free content can help, anything and everything you do to help an affiliate, will help you.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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