What membership software should I use A or B

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I'am thinking about adding a membership site to my main site
but have no Idea what software to use thats not amember.

What membership software should I use?
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    If you'll be making a separate site, look into Joomla with Community Builder. It's pretty versatile, with plugins for paid membership, among other things. It's the only one I have firsthand experience with, and I'm happy so far.
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    I love Wishlist and now use it for all my membership sites. Not the cheapest, but has an impressive list of feature and integration opportunites.
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  • Digital Access Pass gets my vote. Ravi gives good support.
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    Ryan Lee uses Wishlist and he bills himself as a continuity king when it comes to membership....
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    Depends what you want to do with the membership site. How are you going to monetise it?
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    Vote for digital access pass here, using it on my site. Good support, you can drip feed easily and it has an integrated affiliate system.
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    It all depends on what you want to do with the site.
    I use Members for WordPress with some custom modules I've made. Members support member only blogpost, post sections, whole blogs etc. It works with Gravity Forms and many other WordPress plugins.
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    If you use Wordpress I like S2Member - it's FREE and has a ton of features.

    Doubt everything you believe.

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    It really depends on how simple or complicated you want your membership site to be.

    I bought scripts in the past based on the features I may need and the design of it. You'd be surprised how many membership scripts you can get- and only a small amount are worthy of praise because of their design. Others just look horrible.
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    I think you should go for C

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    I agree it would be helpful to see some sites you guys have created using these different scripts and programs. Either access or at least snapshots would be helpful.
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      Like others have said it really depends on what you want to do with the site.

      Will you have multiple membership levels?
      Will it be a fixed term membership?
      Will you have downloadable items?
      Will you drip content?
      Are you using wordpress, another CMS, or straight HTML?

      Define what you want it to do than pick the solution which fits best.

      Just to get you started I suggest you take a look at these three scripts.

      1. Digital Access Pass-- It's $97 for one domain. $297 for unlimited domains. If you're not quite sure what functions you'll need this is a good solution. It's feature rich.

      2. Site Man Pro-- $40 for unlimited domains. Not as powerful as DAP but is a good solution. Additionally, if you plan to build more than one membership sites SMP allows you to control them from one central area.

      3. S2 Member-- Basic version is free. Advanced version is $69 for single domain, $129 for unlimited domains. Again not as powerful as DAP but a good solution depending on what you want to accomplish.

      Hope that helps,

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    I've used S2 and DAP for different membership sites / types. S2 worked great for a simple membership, no complaints. DAP is WAY ahead of S2 however. Lots of great features, easy to implement, easy drip system, affiliate system built in, connects to lots of 3rd party stuff. It has my vote.
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    When I used to go to the local high schools to give entrepreneurial thinking
    presentations as part of a college prep program here in NC (yeah, it's amazing
    I know - I mean, we're just learning to READ in this state...) I'd start the conversation
    with a short illustration and a question that went something like this (short version):

    "Speaking of goals, consider this...

    "You're on a road, pointed in a direction and you've got to get there,
    you must use the most practical, efficient, vehicle possible - the question is,
    which vehicle is best for you? How do you get there?"

    People would raise their hands and give answers like:

    Suzy Sweetbottom - "I'd use an eco-friendly car, because who wants the Amazon gone?"

    Johnny - "Dude, I'd like, get a motorcycle, like, a crotch-rocket or, like, something and, like ram it to like 170mph and like, get there faster man."

    Ritta Righteous - "Well, I'd personally use a mini-van so I could take all of my little
    children and friends with me, we could discuss Jebus along the way together and
    make the world a better place."

    Jeffrey Jetsetter - "My father would just fly me there, who needs to drive anyway?"



    I'd just stare at the classroom and subtly shake my head or say something like,
    "That's nice, but I'm not sure that's the best vehicle to use..." or "Maybe, it's an
    admirable comment but the vehicle may or may not work." etc.

    Finally, after playing my silly game and running out of "Duh, huh" guesses, inevitably,
    one bright student - usually someone who was sitting in the back of the room reading
    a Science Fiction novel instead of seeming to pay attention, would raise her hand
    and ask a simple question:

    "Uhm, where is the destination? I mean, flying a jet to the grocery store around the
    corner might be a bit of overkill and taking your family mini-bus to an overseas
    excursion heading to China from the US would, perhaps, not be too practical - after
    all, I don't recall reading where those things could float."

    "Mr. Odette, I believe the answer depends on the destination, if you will let us
    know where we are going, I think deciding on the best way to get there might be
    a lot easier, yeah?"

    Yeah. I definitely agreed, and that was the correct answer.


    So, back to the OP - there are a LOT of membership scripts available and, in fact,
    you can run your membership without a script at all by simply using e-mail to deliver
    your content.

    The thing is, even though I see the same people constantly saying "Get this one!"
    or "I use this software, it's best!" or "Buy Mine, everything else sucks!" each time
    this topic comes up (and it's a common topic, you should check out the "All-in-One"
    membership topic for more information), how can anyone say without knowing
    exactly where you are trying to go with your membership concept?

    I mean... a porn site might not work so well in "X" or "Y" solution. Is that the
    kind of membership site you are building?

    How about an e-commerce membership site selling physical products in the
    member's area? That removes a few options from the list.

    Nobody talked about Sid's great program (RAP) or immediate pay affilaite programs
    that you don't have to manage payments with, or file US 1099's for or deal with
    huge tax issues collecting the correct ID's, SS#'s, etc. from your affiliates.

    How about hosted or not hosted options?

    What about multi-site licenses or single site licenses?

    Membership levels? Coupons? Blog integration? Drip-Feed or, as I call it, Time-Released
    Lessons delivery and management?

    Got a coaching program in mind? How about a built in coaching platform? I've made
    as much money and helped a lot of clients of my own with an upsell to a very cool
    membership coaching program option/offer? How will you manage that?

    Got e-mail? How will you integrate a 3rd party e-mail program? Is it included?

    Are you a programmer? Joomla, Drupal, etc. are great for some things, ever tried to
    customize Drupal?

    What about, and this is VERY important, customer support? ALL software has a
    problem eventually - even your blessed iPhones, how do you get the problem
    resolved? Who's there to help you?

    And a whole lot more.

    The point is... until you are clear on the destination, helping you decide on the
    best vehicle to take you there is not really very easy and opinions abound.

    Want specific help? Ask specific questions...

    Also, consider the answers in light of who is making the recommendations.

    I own Rapid Residual Pro, soon to be launched - think that might make me
    a little biased? As much as I try not to be, I kinda-sorta DO love my solution
    better than all of the rest - for SOME THINGS and some membership models
    (like Fixed Term Memberships, for instance).

    Still... I'd rather have someone who uses RRP and who is making a boat load
    of money doing so recommend it rather than me - even I think my comments
    lean a little in favor of my own bank account... and I argue with me about it
    all of the time! (yes, it's confusing in my head some days)

    There are a few other things to consider also... regarding your membership site needs.

    "WHY" are you building a membership site and what DON'T you want from it?

    Those are sometimes more important than what you think you want in helping
    you make your decisions.

    Keep us posted, let us know what your research leads you to invest in...

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      Originally Posted by sodette1 View Post

      Still... I'd rather have someone who uses RRP and who is making a boat load of money doing so recommend it rather than me

      Is your script available for purchase? If not how could anyone who's using it to make a "boat load" of money recommend it?
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        Originally Posted by Kevin AKA Hubcap View Post


        Is your script available for purchase? If not how could anyone who's using it to make a "boat load" of money recommend it?
        Kevin - yes, RRP WAS available, version 1.0 - last year.

        I took it off the market because I want to add features that require a
        fairly significant rewrite which will not be easily upgraded for current users.

        In other words, I'm going to need to manually move existing owners who
        want current sites moved to the new platform, at my cost (happily).

        Folks like Kevin Riley, who love RRP and use it.

        I don't want to sell another hundred copies and have to manually move
        them to the new version also! Argh... that would be no fun, agreed?

        RRP will soon be available... again.

        I also didn't want to make my comments an RRP issue or drop names
        like Kevins (or the dozens I could add here) because it distracts from
        the point AND I'm NOT promoting RRP here...

        Sorry you seem to feel that was the issue and that you commented on
        a satirical comment I made instead of on the point of my overall post
        regarding selecting membership software.

        The software doesn't make anyone any money - no matter what some
        people would have you believe however.

        Membership software made by the holiest of holy's won't make you
        a bloody nickel... it's what you do with the application that makes it
        the right or wrong one for you.

        You can go to Charlotte Mason High School dot com to see how non-IM
        clients are making very, very good income using Rapid Residual Pro, but
        like many other examples, she's not an IM person, she is in a market not
        even remotely interested in IM, so you won't see her here in the WF
        talking about how the application has made her extremely solid bank.

        How much money has your host made you? None. Just software. What
        you do with your hosting account, the products and programs you offer
        and sell - that's what gets you paid.

        My point above was - it's important to match the right software with
        the goals you have.

        As for my comment - I was making a simple statement about people who
        brag about their own software... always. It's not really very professional
        in my opinion. I'd rather have a person who is very satisfied with my book,
        software, coaching, programs, comments, advice, input, memberships,
        copywriting, services, cooking, etc. tell others about it than to go around
        always following threads about my Stuff just to Sell My Stuff.

        It's kinda obviously not cool.

        Does that make my point better HubCap?

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    Rapid Action Profits + RAP Press membership script
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    As has been said countless times around here over the years, no one can answer this question as you give no idea what you are looking for.

    You need to know what you want your site to do before anyone can give you anything more than a shot in the dark as to which membership solution to use.

    Do you just need a simple protected area for downloads or do you need advanced features?

    Do you require drip feed content? If so what type, new content feed every month depending on the date or new content feed depending on how long someone has been a member. These two are both drip feed content but work in entirely different ways.

    Do you require integration with an autoresponder service and if so which one? Some solutions will integrate with virtually any autoresponder service while some either integrate with a few or none at all.

    What payment processor will you be using. Most solutions work with PayPal but many use other processors and which solutions you consider will depend on who you choose to handle your payments for you.

    Do you need an easy way to edit site templates and are you able to edit html coding yourself? Some solutions allow easy customization from the admin panel while others require you to edit hard coded html files and some give you almost no customization options at all.

    What SEO options do you need? Each solution handles built in SEO options differently and some do it much better than others. Is this something that you consider a major point or do you not care about built in SEO options?

    How do you want affiliate commissions handled? Do you perfer to get all payments yourself and pay out commissions to your affiliates later? Do you perfer to use a third party system like Clickbank that takes the payment for you, pays the affiliate, and then pays you the balance you are owed? Do you perfer to use an instant commission system where the affiliates are paid their owed commissions at the time of sale? If you use instant commissions do you want to use the Rapid Action profits method of rotating the PayPal payee or use the new PayPal API systems which do all the payments in the PayPal backend?

    Do you require a built in forum or integration with a forum?

    Do you require a blog front end? If so can a mini blog work or do you need a full Wordpress blog?

    Do you want an all in one solution or do you perfer a core program that handles the basics and then deal with all the plugins later? If you go with a plugin system are you prepared to keep all your installed plugins up to date and upgraded?

    Do you need built in mass email systems or are you relying only on an autoresponder to contact customers?

    Do you need the ability to handle fix term memberships where billing stops after a specific number of payments or do you just need pay me until you cancel options?

    Do you only need to sell one product or are you looking at the ability to sell an unlimited number or products from one site. Not all solutions handle unlimted product support.

    Do you need one time offer support? Not all solutions offer this.

    Do you need upsell and downsell support? Not all solutions offer this either.

    Do you need support to host your content on Amazon S3 services? Not every solution has options that allow you to integrate with S3.

    Do you need protected download links? Even some systems that have protected member areas do not use protected links inside the member areas.

    Will you require the solution you use to be fully supported? Some solutions, mostly the free ones, come with no support at all.

    Do you need your solution to be installed on your own server so you have complete control over everything or do you want to give up a level of control and go with a hosted solution that doesn't require you to do anything but manage your content and members?

    These are just some of the many things you need to consider before you even start looking at the massive amount of options that are available as far as membership solutions.

    Until you know exactly what you want your membership to do now and in the future no one can give you any help at all as to which solution is best for you.

    Every membership solution has its pros and cons and no one solution is right for everyone. There is no one size fits all where memberships are concerned.

    Originally Posted by warriortx View Post

    I'am thinking about adding a membership site to my main site
    but have no Idea what software to use thats not amember.

    What membership software should I use?

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    I too am looking for a good quality membship site software, but must have forum capabilities as well as being able to star-rate topics. I have looked at dozens and the only one that I have come up with that does all that I want is Membergate (but it's way too expensive for me).
    Does anyone know of of such a system that I could purchase ( I don't want to use WordPress either...just can't get it to work for me)?
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    I asked a similar question here in the forums back in October. Here's a link to the thread. Maybe some of the suggestions there will help you:


    Originally Posted by warriortx View Post

    I'am thinking about adding a membership site to my main site
    but have no Idea what software to use thats not amember.

    What membership software should I use?
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    Wordpress and Wishlist member is easy to install and set up.

    Good for your first membership if you don't like getting stuck into coding and don't want to pay a developer, but it does depend on exactly what features you need.

    Need a fresh start or help to take your business to the next level? Click here to find out more...

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