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IM a mewbie,, ive got some sites that have ranked, now i am in the uk and the sites are ranking high on google for uk but low on the world?? i am using dot COM. ORG.NET so i am a little confused?? does it make a difference where i am from when i rank these sites? obv my keyword search has been based on global so i want to rank global...

or should i be using and doing keyword searches for uk ??
any ideas???
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  • If you are targeting only the UK traffic then I will prefer Keep building quality links and your website will start appearing in top pages of .
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      The UK is much smaller, therefore depending on your niche you will probably find that there is less competition in the UK. With less competition its going to be easier to rank

      If you want to rank high in the US as well, continue building quality backlinks etc

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    Google might think you are targetting the UK if your server is also based in the UK. Might help changing that to a US based host.

    Do you mention the UK in your content? Perhaps referance USA / Canada?

    Is you content generic enough for a global search or is there something in it that Google has picked up on being UK centred?

    Thanks Alan
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    Your host determines your rank too.
    If you are based on a uk server your UK rankings will outrank, etc rankings.
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    thanks guys,, i am hosting with,, so it us based,, iam ranking in just not as high as ,, not far off tho!,, i will just continue to get good backlinks
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    If you wanna rank well on shift to UK servers
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    exactly i have a niche site where i have a US version .com on a US host and a UK version on a host

    definitely got more US traffic since i opened a US hosted site, and my UK site ranks well in UK

    hosting is a factor for sure
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    OK. If you're using a generic TLD (.net, .com, .org, .eu etc) then you need to tell Google which area of the world you're targeting.
    They look at things (roughly) in this order:
    domain localisation (ie of whatever), webmaster tool info (entered by webmaster), IP address.
    Supposedly they don't care a monkey's about the geo meta data - though I've seen increased localised rankings from using them.
    Hosting is only a factor IF you don't give google anything else to go on.

    for generics, it is important that you add info to the Webmaster Tools ( because otherwise they are going to take your IP address into account. In the modern Internet, the IP address need have little or nothing to do with the market you're targeting.
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      If you want to rank well in UK, focus your link building from sites. For example;

      * Submit articles to UK based directories
      * Blog comment on Blogs
      * Post in UK forums

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    The geographical location of your server is crucial and you need to tell Google where you are targetting via your webmaster account, as above.

    You might need to prioritise which location you want to target.
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    You can also tell Google which geographic area to target if you use Google Webmaster Tools. I'm based in the UK and have a UK server, but target US traffic on a site by site basis by using GWT. One thing to note is that if you try to target the US in this manner then you won't rank as well for UK searches. This doesn't bother me because I intentionally target US traffic because there's more potential for volume (plus in my experience UK visitors are more ad blind).

    If this post has been helpful please click the "thanks" button ;-)

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      I think most people haven't read the OP properly?

      As I read it - DrMartin isn't having a problem ranking well in Google UK - even though he is hosting in the US.

      His problem is that he is ranking BETTER in the UK and he wants to rank as well in the US.

      Thus destroying most people's argument that he should host in the UK if he wants to rank well. He IS ranking well, but wants to rank equally well elsewhere.

      I don't exactly know how/why Google ranks sites differently in the UK/US searches. I know that I have some sites that rank better in one location than another - and all my sites are hosted on US servers.

      As to the last part of the question - if you are ranking well in the UK - then I see no harm in doing some extra, UK based keyword research to see if you can rank even higher. That can only boost your sales, I would have thought.
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      You picked a .com website because you want global traffic, and thats the only way you'll get global traffic, however the competition is far less here so you have risen up the ranks quicker, you need more quality backlinks to continue going up on the global front.. I have the same thing with one of my websites (which is a .com), it is ranked second spot in UK, and is only on the fifth page worldwide when I log in off a US proxy. Just keep on doing what your doing and backlinking and it will rise but will just take a bit longer.
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