hub pages and squidoo?

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hey warriors, are any of this 2 sites any good for fast cash, meaning 10 to 20 dollars every day? to start. I only have my work to invest. also I have a 1 page affiliate site running fro about a month and a half. can I use these to sources for free traffic to that site? I don't know what I would do with out your wisdom.
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    Why not create a few pages on free sites like hubpages and point to your site/aff link?
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    these two sites are very much effective for all kind of affiliate marketing. you should use it and must get benefit from these two. i regularly use hubpages and i think its more popular than squidoo!!
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      Although I don't have any experience w/ hub pages, I have noticed that for many keywords that I've researched, hub pages tend to rank quite highly.

      That said, I gave quite a bit of experience w/ Squidoo - which I find very enjoyable to use. It also has an extremely active and supportive community.

      I have made a little money on Squidoo - but nothing to write home about.

      One thing: You'll need to very carefully consider what you want to market there, particularly if you are looking to market affiliate products.

      Over this last year, Squidoo has really cracked down on certain types of affiliate products - and even the sources (e.g. they no longer allow certain Clickbank products, no more weight-loss topics, no more **** berry information... no more x rated stuff... and I know they frown on MLM... etc).

      They do have an extensive section that helps you determine if what you want to write about is allowed on Squidoo. If you're considering Squidoo, I highly recommend that you explore their terms carefully.

      I had my own experience last week, when I wrote a nice lens about internet marketing education. (BTW: A "lens" is what the webpage you develop is called in SquidSpeak)

      Even though I was 100% within their guidelines, something I had written triggered a filter that "locked" my lens, and wouldn't allow me to publish it.

      I knew there was nothing wrong or spammy about my topic- so I opened a dispute/request explaining why I thought my lens should be allowed. I was fortunate that they agreed with me.

      But, that goes to show how strict they are getting. It IS fun to use... Wish I could say I was earning more on it.

      Good luck with your business!

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        I agree with BudgetSEO. I believe Hubpages and Squidoo are better used for backlinking...although if you monetize those articles, hey, every penny counts, right?
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      These can be good places to start, I am not so sure about fast cash, though. Depending on your subject area, you can get some traffic from other lenses or hubs.

      And if you hook up with some groups within those sites, and leave some comments with your link on other people's pages, you could get some traffic there too.

      You can also set up some links to your hubs and lenses on social media sites that you might be a member of. Both of those sites are non-threatening to casual visitors and you could get some traffic that way as well.

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