what is aweber used 4?

by Nelson Felix Banned
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I know it is a autoresponder, but what job it can complete and when will we need it?:rolleyes:
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    Its best to go to the Aweber site and read thir full capabilities.

    In short, an autoresponder is for any one developing a mailing list allowing the ability to capture names & email address plus allowing you to contact your list individually or in total by automated emails or broadcasts.

    There's free information about autoresponders at:http://www.newbiesonthenet.com/autoresponders/
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    Autoresponder is a misnomer that has just stuck.
    Aweber is automatic emailing and mail list management software. Its one of several web-based or PC based applications available.
    Basically it automates the process of gathering and double opt-in verification of peoples email addresses when they request it. You put an input widget on your website to provide the request vehicle and it does the rest. (Without double opt-in you may be breaking the law where you live). It also automates the unsubscribe process, taking people off your list when they request it.

    It then automates the process of sending emails to everyone on that list either through a sequenced distribution (email 1 then 2, then 3, etc, X days apart) or via broadcast (an email on a specific time and day).

    It takes a bit of effort to set up as you must generate and install the widget and write all the emails that it will send out on your behalf.

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    aweber will help you build your goldmine, start using it right away if you want to make money online you NEED a list! aweber build your list on autopilot! the best thing you can do online is building your email list of people interesting in what you are sharing!
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    Basically you put a opt-in form on your website to collect peoples email address (your list) aweber will then automatically send emails to your list.

    Imagine if you had 100 people to send emails to promote your products, if you didn't have a autoresponder like aweber you would have to manually send out every single email every time.

    With aweber (and all autoresponders) you set up your email campaign to send out your promotional emails to your list at your desired interval (everyday, every week etc..). When ever someone new subscribes to your list they will automatically get the first email in the campaign, and then the rest as you have set up.
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  • thanks for the information guys,even i wanted to know it

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    awerber use for list building and making money with your list its all about list building and list management.
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