What is the length of Your Solo Mailing?

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Recently, I have implemented solo mailing to my list. What it actually means is that I will mail my list one email pertaining my offer (with abit of content) in it.

I have been reviewing other marketers on how they do their mailing and some of them are just a one liner or a two - three sentence with their link to the offer.

For mine, it was a 250 - 400 words article. I was wondering what are results you got from the length of the email and work best for you. Cheers!
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    I use about two short paragraphs, personally i hate reading an email that is very long and quite often just get out of it. Write enough to grab their attention, but not too much to bore them.
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    yes, I think I will test two different types of emails in two different list to see which one works best....

    Would love to have more inputs though
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      I have recently been reading a lot of content regarding solo ads
      and the advice seems to be that 250-450 words is what you should aim

      I have also noticed that normally there are three links, one immediately,
      one in the middle and one in the ps.

      The first one is so people don't have to scroll to see the link in the email
      preview and the ps one is obviously to grab the attention of the scrollers
      who head straight to the end of the email rather than reading it.

      But I think what you are doing is excellent, and by that I mean testing
      will be good to find our your results.

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