At The Verge of Perdition

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Dear Warriors.

I was at first sceptical about posting here, however a close friend of mine convinced me, it is the right place and you- the right audiance.

In the course of unexpected events, after 10 years abroad, I found myself again in my hometown in Bulgaria. Needless to say here it was just a matter of time that I remain without any financial means. The unemployment rate is devastatingly high, the monthly loans- shockingly low. So after sending tons of CV-s and coverletters, I woke up this amazing winter morning bitten by the fact, that in two weeks I will not even be able to pay my rent. Not to mention any other existance- important expenses.

So I just headed to the nearest cafe which offered free wi- fi and started again exploring the vast universe of internet in search of online- working opportuinities.

This is where I need your advice (which I will of course deeply appreciate)- how and where can I find teleworking opportunities.I am keen of writing (english, german), copywriting, translating (english/german) and anything else connected to putting thoughts and emotions in words.

Do you have some tips, suggestions, ideas?

I can not say that I am desperate, warriors don't know such a feeling, nevertheless I am surely not charmed by the prospect of losing my apartment and living on water.

So the situation is grieve and urgent action is required.

Sincerely thank you in advance.

Morgen Ster
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    Your plight resonate somehow with me as I have just experienced some difficulties myself and plan B involved relocation to BULGARIA ! (not many place in Europe where you can buy a house for 5k$ ).

    Anyway, take a look at this thread.

    I would love to know what you are able to do in more details:

    Could you post your skills here. or send me your CV (manuel_boissiere[AT]hotmail[dot]com ?

    What are your target earnings for that forthcoming deadline?

    I use outside service providers and outsource jobs on a regular basis, because of the special circumstances that link me to Bulgaria , I will do my utmost to assist you.

    You have my word.


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      Thank you for the warm and quick reply,
      I have just sent you an e- mail.
      Morgen Ster
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        Hey Warriors,

        For the past few weeks and months I've been looking and trying ways to make money online with my friend Morgen Ster.

        Unfortunately I wasn't able to get us up to speed. Hopefully some of the more experienced and fortunate warriors here can help my friend.

        All the best,
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