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Hi warriors, I need to earn between $ 10 to $30 on a daily average. I looked into that site in which you do thing for $5 bucks, I forget its name right now. I have an affiliate site, and a few blogs that point to it but they don't make that much traffic, my site is about 2 month old and my blogs 1 month old. any suggestions?
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    Flip them?
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    Head over to elance.com and do some online work or check out the classifieds section here on the WF for job listings.
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    optimize your site and blogs with adsense ads,cpa offers etc and work on seo to drive traffic to it
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    If you want to make $10-$30 and don't really want to grow that income, you can trade your time for money at Elance, VWorker etc (as mentioned above). If you want to reach higher earnings and earn money passively, think about creating some money making websites...Adsense is a great place to start.
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    Learn SEO, but start with something like Adsense
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    There is also a new sight and it is on the WF right now. It is called fourerr.com
    and right now they will give you 4 dollers for signing up. And no admin charges for WF
    members. Hope this helps as well...
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    You can easily make a lot more than that daily by offering services, such as writing, building backlinks etc. Fiverr is a good place to start but doesn't pay much. You may want to use the Warriors For Hire section here, oDesk, eLance etc as people have mentioned. Then the money you earn from these services will help keep you going while you work towards a passive income.
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      To make regular money each day then offering services is the best way to go. What are you good at? Writing, graphics? Take a good look through this forum and see what questions are being asked. Can you provide answers to these questions? This should give you lots of information for creating a product or report which you could give away to build a list or sell for a small amount of money.

      Good Luck.
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      Offer a service.

      For as little as you need, it would be simple to achieve. Then if you like the work you can easily scale it.

      Forget Fiverr, elance, freelancer.com... etc.

      They are all sites that compete on price. Thats where YOU go to get work done. Not to find work. You want to compete on quality.

      Instead set yourself up to take more money. Not only will you reach your high end goal much easier, you will cut out a lot of the hassle with low priced work.
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