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by Bev Clement 6 replies
I haven't used the wso forum for months, and obviously the new area is full of bells and whistles.

When we pay for a wso, what do we need to do to format the sales page? I see some have graphics and paypal button included. On the old board it was simple to do especially if you used a buy a beer button.

But I am wondering how it works on the new one, because I don't want to spend hours trying to work it out, while it falls off the page.

Can I go to the test area and do it there, and see what works or how to do it?

Also is it now acceptable to ask people to post in the thread, because I see a number of people doing that now. The no bribe rule seems to be missing.

Can we then advertise it in the Main Forum, as it seems to be the done thing as well? Some are blatant others asking questions or posting about the topic that they are selling.

If we want to post it more than once, can we keep it open, so have many of the same wso running at the same time.

That's it for now, I'm helping someone with their wso, and need some answers to tell them, but also need to know for myself as well.
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    Hey Bev,

    Yeah, You might want to try the test forum first or on any forum. Just don't post the thread.

    Write your mini-salesletter, and then click "Go Advanced"...

    You can now edit your page how you want. You can increase the size, change the color, link to the payment link and insert images in a simple click of a button on the advanced thing.

    You can just use DL Guard and post a buy now button linking to your DLGuard Payment page.

    Ok, so after your satisfied, COPY the whole thing.

    Go to the WSO section and post a new thread. (pay the $20 first) and then just paste your post.

    Hope that helped.

    If not,
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      You are not allowed to mention your wso in the main forum. With the member moderated system we are now in I have seen more people try to sneak past this rule but it is still in force.

      If you see a post where someone mentions their WSO then report the post.

      However, it has always been allowed (at least to my understanding) to answer posts that mention the topic of your WSO, even with a link to it in the sig file, as long as you don't point people towards the WSO or mention in any way that you have one running in the main post.

      This too has become more abused since the mods were taken out because the posts are staying longer before someone decides to report it.

      Forgot to mention, what I usually do is type or copy and paste in the WSO text into the textarea box then click the preview button so that I can see what a formatted post will look like. This way I can check the various styles I use as well as the text links and make sure everything is formatted properly before I submit the WSO.

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