WSOs - how do they work exactly?

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Hi all,

I would like to launch a WSO, but I have a few questions about how everything works first. I would like to understand how much time I can expect my product to be in plain sight..

1. Once the thread is approved and gets published, for how long will it be on the first page (on average)?

2. When someone posts something inside the thread, does the WSO get bumped to the first page again?

3. Do popular WSOs get displayed on the first page higher than the ones which are less popular?

Thanks for your help,
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    Here is how it works:
    You write your post in the thread and you submit. You will not see anything
    When a mod approves it, you get a PM saying it was approved, go and pay.
    THIS is where you can do some timing: it will go live only when you pay for it... and you can select when to do it. Right now or tomorrow morning.

    1. Only hours... too mach crap is posted all the time
    2. No.
    3. No.
    (after it arrived to page 3, you will get a little button at bottom left, telling you now your can "bump" you post/wso... for another $40)

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    Hey Traian,

    (1) The amount of time it will be on the first page is based on the volume of WSOs going up at any given point. The more that are released, the faster they get pushed down.

    (2) No, a post (comment) does not mean an automatic bump. There are no "free" bumps for WSOs.

    (3) No they don't. "Popular" WSOs get displayed more because the WSO owner is paying for a "bump" after the WSO bottoms out on the 2nd page - which is the point where you can pay to have your WSO re-listed.

    Hope it helps.
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    Thanks for your responses Istvan and Miles!

    I have one more question then - how do some WSOs manage to have so many views and replies and you can see them on the first page again and again? It's just their owners bumping them whenever they reach 3rd page?

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      Probably so. If you look closely at those WSOs with large comment / view counts, they have been around for quite a while usually, have done well, so the owner keeps paying for the bump.
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