Google keyword tool, brief explanation needed

by thedog
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Hey guys, I'm using Market Samurai and Google Keyword tool, to check out some niches.

For the Google keyword tool, I'm looking for highest searches with the lowest competition, correct?

Or global searches no more than around 40,000/50,000?

When I find Key words that fit this criteria, and run them past Market Samurai, they have much higher competition.

Should I just go with google keyword tool?
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  • The keyword competition shown in Google keyword tool is for "Adwords" I think.
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    I have market samurai but I rarely use it for keyword research as its abit slow. I just find the exact searches per month in google keyword tool... and then type those in to google search and see how many results it generate plus analyse the top 10 competitors and gauge if I am able to beat them...if i feel confident I will go for it
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    Well i have used both and found some main differences with Market Samurai and the Google Keyword Tool. have a look:
    • Market Samurai is based on searches per day vs Google Keyword Tool is based on monthly searches
    • Market Samurai does fetch most of it's keywords from the Google Keyword Tool, which skews numbers slightly.
    • Market Samurai includes "Phrase Length" - The number of words in a phrase (Awesome for Domain Name Options)
    • Google Keyword Tool will spit out irrelevant keywords if no matches are found, while Market Samurai doesn't.
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