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I stumbled across this website today when I was looking for clients to whom I could build a website for, I had a peek around inside and it was excatly what I was looking for.

There's a wide range of industries within this 'search guide' filled with potential customers who want YOU to help them with their problems.

As I normally would, I went straight to the IT Section > Web Design and I found hundreds of jobs, most of them are small 4 page website projects that the client wants and are only willing to buy for between $250-500, but there was one that stood out, this client wanted an developer to update and upgrade the website for $2000. (All in AU$, for you American's that around $1286)

Anyway - I'm not completely sure how the whole system works as I just stumbled across it a few moments ago, but do check it out, it's worth looking at if your in need for some extra cash (me) - Where businesses fight for yours
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