So, how did you get started on this internet marketing thing?

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My short story:

I was surfing with the ad-supported browser Opera. It had adsense ads or something similar then. That was in 2005. Just by surfing my way, I accidentally clicked on an ad. And where did I land? On Corey Rudl's Marketing Course, to market your business on the internet. I read the salesletter and thought: Well, if it is so easy to cash in hundreds of thousands, then why not give it a try? I even bought the upsell videos on DVD. The course then was still a physical one.

A few weeks later I learned that Corey Rudl hat died in an accident...
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    My IM journey started with a simple google search "make money online" ... thankfully after months of "seeking" decent "survey jobs" i ended up buying many course's (using my cousins credit card of , i payed him back with my Dj money)

    So after reading like 5-6 courses i was suffering from the SOS syndrome (only a few know what im talking about)

    Finally i found WF through a crappy "course" i bought. the course promised to show me how i could make money doing a simple "writing" job, and all the course came with was a e-book with the authors referral link to getafreelancer and instructions on how to use the site. But i dont regret buying that crappy course because it pointed me toward's warriorfrom....the author recommended that i join the warriorforum and that it was a great source of information. and he was right.

    Since i joined the WF just lurking in the Main internet marketing forum section taught me about amazon affiliate sites...i now have four sites bringing in around $200 a month collectively.

    While making these sites i completely forgot my login id and password and nor could i remember the email i signed up with to the forum. i had to create "this" account and re-join this forum. I still kept a low profile and never really interacted i even abandoned IM in between but now im back, and i plan on taking it up more seriously now.

    well there's a lot more to this "story" but i thought ill keep it as short as possible...i just sometimes end up not making too much sense in my posts, especially if they're this long :p
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    I was researching for a certain client when I stumbled upon the Warriorforum. I just lurked around for months until I have decided to opt in and download a free WSO. my eyes was then opened for new opportunities in making profitable websites using cheap resources. The rest is history, and now Im off to outsourcing a few of my tasks as well.

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    Ya I remember those sad news as well...I got the opportunity to meet with him live back in year 2003 I believe it was...I actually got started taking an internet marketing course at Hawaii Pacific University and then I started at Commission Junction ValueClick...Now I have been running by own internet business for 12 years...

    Digital Marketing Consultant since 1998. Contact me for a free consultation.

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      Originally Posted by Marketing Ignite View Post

      Ya I remember those sad news as well...I got the opportunity to meet with him live back in year 2003 I believe it was...I actually got started taking an internet marketing course at Hawaii Pacific University and then I started at Commission Junction ValueClick...Now I have been running by own internet business for 12 years...
      I didn't know they had internet marketing courses in universities. Makes sense.

      About 5 years ago I was about to graduate or had just graduated and wasn't qualified for anything. Landed on some make money from home website and bought their "course" for $50. It was utter crap but at the time I didn't know that, I was just stoked at the prospect of being rich. I wish I had bought a quality product to kick start things like it sounds many of you did, haha probably would've saved me some time.
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    Looking at my junk email --I clicked one email and said -- what the heck. I'll bite -- no longer with that site but have since found better stuff is out there -- I mean they pay me not my investment into or for them leaving me to wonder what the heck?

    Julie Gavis Six Figure Income Fast

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    Was looking around for another way to earn money after I had some work related injury problems back in the late 90s. I got on a few mailing lists, opened a mailshot from a guy called Andrew Reynolds who was running a magazine about something called Internet Marketing. Looked interesting and signed up.
    I too met the late great Cory Rudl at an early (for the UK) IM conference shortly after.
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      I sold something on ebay. I made money. I thought "that was easy!"

      And then I went on a journey to find other things I could sell.

      The end.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      first i started with PTC, did it for some time, after that i went over to warez and about in october/november i found Jon Street videos, the best christmas ones. how it is possible to rank in google and rent the pages to companies and thats where i started.made some pages and failed. In 8 january i made my first clickbank product promoting site, it is still up but the competition is too heavy for beginner as i am so 31 january i started a new site and now working on it on my way to the top. about week ago i found this amazing forum. My short story.
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    At my first job out of college, my boss told me that some days would be boring and I should try to find some way to occupy myself. I Googled "how to make money online" and tried everything I came across.

    Eventually, I sold a blog to a company that bought and sold websites, and then they hired me to write for them. Through word of mouth referrals, my writing business expanded to a team of 7, writing tons of content each week.

    And then I figured out that if my clients were paying $15-20/page, they were probably making more than that on their websites. So I started learning more about affiliate marketing, blogging, etc and experimenting with that in my spare time.

    Now I do a combination of website marketing, writing and selling physical items through auction sites. I'm a big believer in having diversified streams of income!
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  • One day I decided I would write a blog. I naturally started going to the places where I thought my audience would be and interacting with them.

    Lo and behold I now have 10,000+ subscribers. It's that easy!!!
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    When I used the internet the first time in 1999 I ended up in a chatroom. Which was normal for a 16 years old ;-)
    After a few hours I was bored and started to wonder if I could setup my own page. Eventually I found "Tripod" and had my first website.

    Sadly I was young and in the middle of my education and did not realize the huge potential of the web
    It took me at least 3 years until I put the first Ad on one of my pages...

    Whatever... I am sure it is never too late ;-)
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    As a writer, I was always interested in selling information products. In pre-Internet days I took out classified ads in the Enquirer and other checkout counter magazines. Later, with the Internet, I sold training manuals and a software program I had written.

    I learned to create web sites simply because no one knew how to create them, or were charging thousands per page, and I needed to do them myself to sell my information products.

    It was tough in the early days because credit card companies didn't want you to take cards over the Internet. You had to take the order over the Internet, then get the card information by phone or fax.
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    I'd tried a few things, but I started succeeding by creating an RSS parser script (CaRP) for my own use, and giving it away for free. After a lot of people started using it, I realized I had a viable commercial product on my hands and made a paid version with more features.

    Most of my success has come from creating tools for myself to use, and then turning them into products.

    Antone Roundy

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      I first tried on my own back in 1993 when I was about 17 years old.

      That was buying and selling computers, I managed to buy one for about £200 and sold it for about £400 as I remember, but I only bought and sold that one computer lol.

      As for internet only... I started on 6th February 2011.

      Quite a gap eh and I have never come back to this "world" since I left it in 1993 but I am feeling the pinch now and would be happy to make just £5 a day extra.

      In fact while I am waiting for my sites to get indexed I still need to do something right now to make money today....
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    Well it started with my dad wanting to make a membership site a couple of years ago. I learned how to code and made it and since then I have tried to learn how to actually send traffic to sites and get people to become members. Still learning, I'm an excellent programmer but a mediocre marketer still striving to improve.
    Excellent product, Excellent support, great for affiliate marketers (Amazon, ClickBank etc)
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      30 day challenge.
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      I was an offline writer, started writing some articles for affiliate marketers to use online, found some of them coming back for more, even at what I later realised were far higher prices than the apparently "going rate", realised from the increasing re-orders that they were making a lot more income out of them than I was charging for writing them, decided that in the long run I'd be better off being an affiliate marketer myself rather than writing them for others, and therefore started on the "affiliate marketing learning-curve".
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    Well ... My Story is Quite Simple ..

    on the year 2010 >. i have completed my 10 grade .. o nthe vacation Times i was really Sitting .. I did a search on google And found something really informative.
    Then the journey has Started.

    The End ....

    Looking for fast effective way to earn cash?

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    How did I start? funny story. I even used it in the sales page of my product in the signature!

    I was on youtube and clicked on a funny video of a panda. That video had an ad that said "watch how this kid makes $622 online everyday..and he's 16!"

    I click the ad (of course being so curious). It turns out it's my schoolmate that I've been companions with for the last 10 years! haha crazy stuff. (Adam Horwitz)

    Then I facebook messaged him and said "whoa what's this"

    He filled me in all right. I'm here 3 years later!
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